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Download Lineage 2 High Five (HF) client

Post date: 09 Nov 2022
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Post date: 09 Nov 2022
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Article language:
ru en uk

Patched client High-Five can already l2 hf download by following the link to the site and download the client from and play on the servers. For a comfortable game recommend downloading a new patch or updater from the same site.

Where do I download l2 hi-hi?

Launcher-client HWa has been running since 2008, it not only gives you the optimization of the game, but also improves your experience of the game. After all, at first the client has experienced a lot and often changed to become more comfortable and better.

If you do not like the custom l2 hflauncher, you can download the pure Lineage 2 High Five client also from our website. After all, there are more giveaways of such a client, where you can build your own or download a clean one or just choose a ready-made one on the page.

What servers do thebattle have?

Their servers are on x55, x25, x77. In addition to servers, there is a difference in the type of client: the classic, beta version of the new patch.

Classic Patch

A special patch for those who love nostalgia and the old version of the game. After all, it is the old gameplay will not leave indifferent even newcomers to the game, not to mention the old-timers, who can go back so many years and enjoy this moment right now.

It is this patch can close all the requirements of the players. The original version that the developers made without any of the wacky and heavy modifications. Catch your authenticity and nostalgia.

Beta version of the client.

The main difference from the classic patch is good optimization, because it tries in the original version, as many technologies in 2008 have not yet been used. Technology has stepped on many steps forward, so the elements responsible for the optimization of the game and the client have been updated.

Why it is worth choosing this option:

Improved client optimization: not only the interface, but also the reworking of the files and the finished package to install, not only the beta version, but also the main files.
Updated client HF.
You can set highlighting (by choosing any color) when you are in a party.
Updated next target options (works on monsters, by characters).
There is an opportunity for automatic farming.
Ability to send invitations to the clan, sending a group to trade and friends.
Automatic cache clearing, no longer need to restart the client to clean it of unnecessary garbage.
New unique features for each user.

Battleclub team prepared all clients with the spirit and for the players, that’s why they are so convenient, simple and fast. Download and play your favorite game without limits.

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