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Ranks in CS:GO 2023

Post date: 13 Nov 2023
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Post date: 13 Nov 2023
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Article language:
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Everyone knows what different ratings and statistics are in games and what they affect. Moreover, they are in almost every game. In CS:GO , for example, there are titles and ranks that determine your level of play. If you don’t know how these systems and titles work in CS:GO, then our article is for you.

What are ranks in CS:GO?

Ranks In Cs:go
Ranks In CS:GO / Source CSgo

The most key player statistic in this game is their rank. There are 18 of them in total and they are grouped into ranks. The title of the player is always with him and is always visible. As the level of the game improves, your ranks can also go up, but also go down. In most games that have such systems, the developers balance them in such a way that you play with players close to you in terms of their level. This is not only fair and logical, but also interesting. Who cares when a pro is constantly killing a beginner without giving him a chance? In the case of playing with friends, the situation is the same. If your ranks are very different from your friend, then you will not be able to play together.

For convenience, we have compiled for you a list of all CS:GO titles by their importance:

  1. Silver I-IV (Silver 1-4);
  2. Silver Elite (Silver Elite);
  3. Silver Elite Master (Silver Great. Master);
  4. Gold Nova I-III (Gold Star 1-3);
  5. Gold Nova Master (Gold Star Master);
  6. Master Guardian I-II (Master Guardian 1-2);
  7. Master Guardian Elite (Master Guardian Elite);
  8. Distinguished Master Guardian (Honored Master Guardian);
  9. Legendary Eagle (Legendary Golden Eagle);
  10. Legendary Eagle Master (Legendary Golden Eagle Master);
  11. Supreme Master First Class (Grand Master of the Highest Rank);
  12. The Global Elite (World Elite).
Rank Ranks Information
Low level Silver I
Silver II
Silver III
Silver IV
Silver Elite
Silver Master
Level for beginners and relatively weak players with poor reaction. Sometimes here you can meet good players who upgrade other people’s accounts or just have fun.
Normal level Gold Nova I
Gold Nova II
Gold Nova III
Gold Nova Master
Master Guardian I
Master Guardian II
Stronger gamers play here, who already know about promotions, have good experience and like to communicate with the team in order to win.
High level Master Guardian Elite
Distinguishing. Master Guardian
Players of this level are familiar with the nuances of CS:GO and spend a lot of time in the game, so they consider this rank quite prestigious.
Very high level Legendary Eagle
Legendary Eagle Master
Supreme Master
The Global Elite
The highest level at which esportsmen and simply the best players play. These are only a few percent of the number of all players.

Table source https://cq.ru/articles/cs-go/

How to get and raise ranks in CS:GO

First, each player, before receiving any rank, goes through a special calibration, which calculates the rank of the player according to statistical indicators. Calibration ends when you win ten competitive games. But there is one nuance: the calibration has only two victories per day, so you will have the title no earlier than in 5 days. After receiving it, each game in this mode will affect your rank: victories will pull you up the career ladder, and defeats, in turn, will lower you.

Everything is clear here. No one knows for sure (except for developers, of course) how the system calculates and gives titles to players. But many claim that the system works like this: 25 points are added to you for a win, the same amount is taken away for a loss. You can get a new title after reaching 200 points (i.e. 8 wins). But most likely that is not the case, because recently this system has become very smart and even takes into account your actions during matches, such as the number of deaths and kills. But still, the essence remains the same: just play as best you can, develop, learn, and then you will grow in your ranks.

Tips and hacks to increase your rank

To get high ranks, you need to not only play as well as possible individually, but also in a team, because although the system takes into account your actions in battles, it still takes the number of victories and losses as a basis. Therefore, you must constantly help your teammates so that your team wins as often as possible.

That’s all. We hope that our information was as useful as possible for you. Remember: the better you play, pump over all aspects of your game, the sooner you will achieve your main goal. And we are sure that for sure, your goal is to take the highest rank. For more information, you can visit the CS:GO section on our website. There are regularly published interesting and useful news.

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