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Half-Life: Opposing Force

Game Genre: Action
Platforms: PC
Game Release Date: 01 Nov 1999
Developer: Gearbox Software


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HALF-LIFE: Opposing Force” is a game developed by Gearbox Software.

Here, you will play as the main protagonist, who is a special forces soldier. You will have to complete a difficult task. You must arrive at a research facility called Black Mesa and kill Gordon Freeman there. However, the difficulty of this task lies in the fact that you will be facing entire armies of monsters who can kill you at any moment. Be very careful and attentive. The developers have added new weapons to the game that will help you survive in these conditions.

It is worth noting that the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences awarded “Half-Life: Opposing Force” the title of the best game of the year.

The game turned out to be really cool and exciting. If you have decided to play it, then be sure to do so. You will definitely enjoy it.

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