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The author of the Ukrainian version of Wordle – the game “Kobza”, Sasha Kozlov, has presented his new project – a word game with an eloquent name “Word Game”.

“Two players take turns forming words from letters on a 5×5 grid. The letter used in a word becomes the player’s “enthusiastic” letter. The game Ends when each of the 25 cells belongs to one of the players. The winner is the one with more enthusiastic cells. If you have ever played Letterpress, the rules will seem familiar to you. Yes, it’s a two-player game. Locally on one device or online. But you can always challenge one of the bots,” the author explains about his game.

You can currently download the game from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers with M1 and M2 processors. The author does not currently plan to release an Android version, but notes that if there is an enthusiast willing to take on the Android version, he is willing to share all the secrets of the game’s structure with them.

Game Description from Apple

“First of all, I’m not sure if anyone reads app descriptions. Secondly, Word Game is a word game. In Ukrainian. For free. With multiplayer. And there are also animations.”

“I think that should be enough, and you’re already downloading the game without reading this text. But if you still need some damn marketing, here you go.”

Additional Description

“Immerse yourself in the abyss of fantastically enticing gameplay that can captivate you for tens or even hundreds of hours.”

ADVERTISING #23-article-games

– Incredible gameplay mechanics that can be described by the formula “easy to learn, hard to master”
– Play with a friend on one device or challenge others online
– Excellent graphics that utilize almost all modern technologies (if you consider minimalism a technology)
– Three bots, each of which will do everything to undermine your intellect
– A dictionary containing over 700,000 words (some of which you may not like and may be accused of sounding like a mix of languages)
– Statistics screen (so you can look at a bunch of numbers and tell yourself that all those hours spent playing were not in vain)
– Haptic feedback (a super powerful modern technology for kinesthetic feedback from your iPhone, it’s almost as cool as 12D cinemas)
– No ads (for now! If there are millions of users in Word Game, maybe I’ll add loot boxes)

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