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Metroid Prime - photo โ„–98104
Metroid Prime - photo โ„–98104

Metroid Prime



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The first part of this game was released in 1987. It was produced by Nintendo. At that time, a game called Castlevania was quite popular. The release of Metroid gave rise to a new subgenre. The name of this genre became “metroidvania”. In the game, players gradually and non-linearly explore a specific universe in which the main character finds themselves. There are a lot of secrets in the game that become accessible only after defeating certain bosses.

The gameplay revolves around the character Samus Aran. In each series, she has to complete a specific mission. She collects items and upgrades which will be useful in overcoming various obstacles. This platformer attracted the attention of a large number of users. The series turned out to be quite colorful and rich in various events.

The developers did not plan to make the game only in this genre, so they soon started working on a new series called Metroid Prime. This game describes the events that took place between the first two parts. The storyline takes the player to the planet Tallon IV. Samus has to fight not only monsters but also Space Pirates. It is also important to note that this series was released in 3D.

Many users criticized Konami for deciding to deviate from the traditional approach. However, the series received high ratings from critics. This game became a successful commercial project and was recognized as one of the best of all time. This example confirms the importance of constant development in the gaming industry. This series is available for PC through the use of a Nintendo GameCube emulator, which is quite convenient.

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