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Tacticool: Shooting games 5v5

Game Genre: Action, Shooter, Tactical shooter
Platforms: Android
Game Release Date: 22 Jan 2024
Developer: Panzerdog
Age: 16+
Rating: 92
Downloads: 10000000+


Download game Tacticool:.. Google Play
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Tacticool is a multiplayer online shooter for Android, where you will participate in short and dynamic matches. Take control of a strong team and lead them to victory. In this game, you need to navigate through an obstacle course with numerous pipes, fences, and boards that can kill you at any moment. Crush enemies by running them over with vehicles, blowing them up with mines, and shooting them at close range. Destroy and blow up everything in your path, including your own vehicle and even yourself. Challenge other players in online mode or gain experience in offline mode. You can expect 40 types of weapons, various skins, and costumes.

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