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Twin Hobo Rocket

Platforms: Windows
Game Release Date: 01 Jan 1970
Features: Online PvP
Age: 7+


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Twin Hobo Rocket

The developer of this game is ArmorGames. This product was released in 2008. The game’s concept can be easily understood by looking at the project’s title. Twin Hobo Rocket tells the story of twin hobos who travel on a rocket. Some may think that this game is closer to art house, but in reality, it is a high-quality arcade game presented in an unusual setting for this genre. Immersing themselves in the world of Twin Hobo Rocket, many gaming enthusiasts will surely have thoughts about the transience of existence.

There is no specific plot in this game. However, the creators decided to please fans of computer entertainment and provided an introduction. According to it, the twin brothers, for some unknown reason, ended up on the street. Finding themselves in new and unpleasant circumstances, the twins have no choice but to become homeless. They are not satisfied with the situation they are in. They do not want to accept being homeless.

Therefore, after some contemplation, the brothers came up with a rather unusual solution. They started building a rocket. They needed it to leave Earth. The first step was easy and did not require much effort. However, solving the main task of leaving their home planet turned out to be a difficult matter. They encountered certain difficulties. Leaving Earth required more effort than they anticipated. It is at this moment that the gamer comes into play.

The rocket moves in an upward direction. To control it, only 4 keys are needed. The main task for the player is to avoid asteroids, various space debris, and annoying aliens. Sometimes unexpected events can occur during the game.

For example, the rocket can split into two parts at a certain moment. They will be connected only by a rope. The user controls only one part, while the other moves by inertia. This makes the task of controlling the rocket even more challenging. How will this story end? We will not reveal it in this article. This game project is very short and does not claim any awards. However, the game is still captivating. Once you start playing it, you can easily spend a lot of time on the gameplay. So if you are looking for a game project that will provide you with entertainment for several hours, then this game is a good choice.

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