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CS2 — Скины на Гранаты / Утечка Ремейка Inferno / Моды / Одежда / Оптимизация FPS / Counter-Strike 2

Latest Updates in CS2 Revealed by Maxim Gabe Follower

🌐 In his latest video, Maxim Gabe Follower shared some unique discoveries in the recent updates of CS2.

New Skins for Grenades

🔼 This time, new skins for grenades have been introduced, which now have their own slots in the new inventory.

Character Customization Materials Found

🔼 Surprisingly, interesting materials for character customization were found in the game files, such as lenses for terrorists’ glasses.

Human Eye Model Discovered

🔼 In addition, a model of a human eye was found, which could possibly be a preparation for future cut-scenes in CS2.

Upcoming Technology: FSR2

🔼 The developers are actively preparing for the release of a new technology called FSR2, which significantly outperforms the previous version FSR1 (already present in CS2). This will help owners of low-end graphics cards enjoy the game to the fullest.

Valve’s Team Working on Training Mode

🔼 Valve’s team is working on creating a training mode where players will have the opportunity to get accustomed to a 5v5 match with bots right from the start and learn all the secrets and rules (similar to the first match in PUBG).

Porting of Danger Zone Mode

🔼 CS2 developers are gradually working on porting the Danger Zone mode to provide players with new opportunities and exciting battles.

New Tool: Pulse

🔼 A new tool called Pulse, based on visual programming, was found in the game files. This opens doors for the development of modding and the creation of custom game modes in CS2, similar to Dota 2.

Don’t forget to check out Maxim Gabe Follower’s channel to learn more details about the latest updates in CS2.