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Rocket League - photo №117445
Rocket League - photo №117444

Rocket League

Жанр игры: Action, Инди, Гонки, Спорт
Платформы: Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch
Дата выхода игры: 07 Июл 2015
Разработчик: Psyonix, Psyonix LLC
Особенности: Multiplayer, Online Co-op, Online PvP, Single-player
Возраст: 3+


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Rocket League is a great collision of cars. It features various tricks, speed, and flying. The game successfully combines soccer and car arcade. Players are offered to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of wild fun and simple rules. The developers have done a great job with the cross-platform multiplayer. The project will appeal to speed lovers and fans of simple games.

The game is quite fantasy and colorful. The cars here have a good physical shape and can easily perform flips in the air. With the help of such tricks, you can significantly speed up or spin the ball. Understanding the basics of the game is not difficult. The intensity of the match is quite epic. In team matches, you have to not only control the ball but also show real tactics.

This arcade game conveys the real sporting excitement well. No additional settings, special skills, or levels are required here. Watching high-quality gameplay is pure pleasure.

Rocket League is one of the most realistic football games. It offers breathtaking player movement speed, numerous clever tricks, aerial ball flights, and many other exciting moments. But the most interesting thing is that the developers (programmers from Psyonix studio) have slightly deviated from the laws of physics and, as a result, made Rocket League famous worldwide. Even more, recently the esports league has included this game in its disciplines.

After launching Rocket League, you will encounter fairly simple game rules, as well as a highly successful combination of football and car arcade. And adding a carefully crafted multiplayer to this, we get a «miracle» in which gamers from both PC and consoles can compete. Rocket League can be a great way to spend time, and a lot of time, as the game can literally «pull you in» for hours.

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