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Названы лучшие игры в Steam в 2022 году

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SteamDB statistics service presented the results of the year 2022, which indicated the most popular games in the Steam digital store. First place went to the indie hit Vampire Survivors, released in October and selling for only 200 rubles. In second place is a game from independent studio Stray, and the top three are rounded out by the PC port of God of War 2018.

Top 10 games of 2022 according to SteamDB

[game id=»30722″ n=»1″]

[game id=»19263″ n=»2″]

[game id=»9962″ n=»3″]

[game id=»31702″ n=»4″]

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[game id=»20367″ n=»5″]

[game id=»30031″ n=»6″]

[game id=»27035″ n=»7″]

The ranking of the most popular games on Steam was formed based on a special algorithm of the site, which takes into account the peak number of players in the games, as well as the ratio of positive and negative feedback from users. The full list can be found at the link.