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Battlefield 2042: Fans will rejoice in their favorite maps in a new mode - photo №61007

Battlefield 2042: Fans will rejoice in their favorite maps in a new mode

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Last month, Tom Henderson shared another piece of insider information. Among the secrets that were revealed to them, there were also information about the Battlefield 2042 shooter. According to an insider, this game will have a new mode with remasters of old maps that appeared in previous parts. The other day it turned out that the information from Henderson turned out to be reliable.

An important event of this week was the presentation “The Future of First Person Shooters”. Among its participants were representatives of the DICE studio, who provided interesting details about Battlefield 2042. In particular, the CEO of Ripple Effect, Christian Grass, made a statement. He spoke about the new mode in this game, which will premiere during EA Play Live.

This event is scheduled for July 22nd. Grass also said that the product his team is working on consists of many components. One of the most noteworthy is the addition of cards from previous Battlefield series that fans have enjoyed the most. In addition to Grass, DICE General Manager Oscar Gabrielson also spoke at the presentation. He described the new mode as “special” and said that it will be available to players from the moment of release.

In addition to information about this innovation, insider Tom Henderson also shared remastered maps that will be available in the new mode. Tom himself calls it “Battlehub”.

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