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Active Aliexpress promo codes and coupons – June 2024 years

AliExpress promo codes and coupons help users save money on online shopping. New and current coupons you aliexpress you will find on our website on this page, we try to post both fresh (new) promo codes and those that are valid for repeat activation. Why do we do this? Codes are updated daily, as of today 20 June all codes are up to date.

All AliExpress promo codes for June 2024 year
FEB01 – Discount 300 rubles from 600r
PES2022 – Discount 350 rubles from 700r
ALINEW555 – 400 rubles discount from 900r

Active June 2024 promo codes for AliExpress newbies to help you get a discount at checkout.

Active AliExpress promo codes at June 2024 for all users
AERU25 – 240p discount from 3000p on all items!
AERU58 – 480p discount from 6900p on all merchandise!
150ALIKOTOLD – 150r Discount from 1000r for all products!
200ALIKOTOLD – DISCOUNT 200r off 1500r on all goods!
STOPZIMA500 – 500r Discount from 3900r for all goods!
STOPZIMA1000 – Discount 1000r from 11000r for all goods!
STOPZIMA1500 – Discount 1500r from 25000r for all goods!
APRIT10000 – 10,000r discount on HP laptops!
WOWFEB5000 – 5000r discount from 50000r on selected
WOWFEB9000 – 9000r discount from 90000r on selected
LOW300 – 300r discount from 1000r on goods from the page
NEW2500 – 2500r discount on smart phone Realme 9 Pro
PRIVET3000 – Redmi Note 11S discount 3000r
“April Sale” on AliExpress – Guide, Promo Codes

The big “April Sale” has started on AliExpress from April 11 to April 14, 2022 will. Thus, customers can save on goods, as much as 70% of the cost of goods on the site. Each item has a special discount, coupon, or promo codes for AliExpress. Hurry to purchase while there is time.

Sale promo codes

Unique AliExpress April Sale promo codes will be available soon, codes are being updated now. Follow the post, write comments.

AliExpress promo codes from stores

1. FDGAO Small Yang Store – Wireless Charger

JVM76B2FPPRH gives 2% discount


2. C’H tool Store – Multifunction Pliers

S5W41HMO36I8 gives 2% off


ZMFJH Car Accessories Store – Car Tyre Case

ZMFJH04 gives $1 off


4. Fairywill Official Store – Ultrasonic Toothbrush

FAIRYWILLOK gives $1 off


5. Wurkkos Official Store – Headlamp

TVXTG7FS7DP7 is $1 off


6. MIHEAL Store – LED Corner Floor Lamp

MIHEAL17 $1 off discount


7. BCMadrid Store – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

ASEWLAL96LY5 gives $1.14 off


8. Boutique of small bones Store – Toothpaste dispenser

DUGMQDPMNVJ6 gives 2% off


9. Fairywill Official Store – Oral Irrigator

FAIRYWILLOK gives $1 off


10. AK Luxury Disney Store – Disney Nail Stickers

XVK1SWC49X6D gives $1.59 off



Sima-Land store promo codes on AliExpress

Small discounts on some Sima-Land store items from 30 to 70% off the price of the item. You can always get a discount on any product up to 700r.

APSIMA130 – Discount 130r from 500r
APSIMA250 – Discount 250r from 1000r
APSIMA500 – 500r discount from 2000r
APSIMA700 – 700r discount from 3000r
Promo codes store “Zarina” on AliExpress

Sale has started in the store “Zarina” on AliExpress with discounts up to 80%. Active current promo codes for a discount of up to 500r on any product from the store.

ZARINA100 – Discount 100 off 1000r
ZARINA200 – Discount 200r off 2000r
ZARINA300 – Discount 300 from 3000r
ZARINA400 – 400 discount from 4000r
ZARINA500 -500 discount from 5000r
Rainbow Smile promo codes on AliExpress

Rainbow Smile store please also with discounts, now there are promo codes for discounts up to 60%. Now it is profitable to buy goods at low prices, in addition, promo codes are valid for all goods.

APRUL100 – Discount 100 from 1000r
APRUL200 – Discount 200 from 1500r
APRUL400 – 400 discount from 2500r
Promo codes for sale “AliExpress will pay

We remind you that the promotion “AliExpress will pay” is still going on and will be valid during the whole year 2022. So buy goods with benefits up to 9000 rubles with the new promo codes. Discounts on goods up to 70%.

WOWFEB50 – 50r Discount from 500r
WOWFEB100 – Discount 100r from 1000r
WOWFEB200 – Discount 200r from 2000r
WOWFEB500 – 500r Discount from 5000r
WOWFEB1000 – Discount 1000r from 10000r
WOWFEB2000 – Discount 2000r from 20000r
WOWFEB3000 – Discount 3000r from 30000r
WOWFEB4000 – Discount 4000r from 40000r
WOWFEB5000 – Discount 5000r from 50000r
WOWFEB9000 – 9000r Discount from 90000r

The world premiere of Xiaomi smartphones on AliExpress

New models of Xiaomi smartphones can be bought now at a discount on AliExpress. New fresh discount coupons for xiaomi products.

Redmi Note 11S 5G – Discount 2400r
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G – 3700r Discount
Xiaomi 12 – 8500r Discount
Xiaomi 12X – 8500r Discount
Xiaomi 12 Pro – 12100r Discount
Promo codes for clothes and shoes sale on AliExpress

“Seasonal sale” is a unique promotion that applies to all clothing, shoes and various accessories in the AliExpress store. The total discount can be up to 65% on various top branded products. Shopping with coupons has become even more profitable.

OUTLET10V – 10% discount from 2000r
OUTLET20V – 20% discount from 2000r
SELA10 – 10% discount from 500r
REIMA10 – 10% discount from 500fr
KIDSSPRING – 10% discount from 500r

Valid at stores:

Tmall Fashion Outlet
New Balance
Tmall Fashion Store
Tmall Kids Fashion Store
AliExpress “Beauty Days” Sale Promo Codes

AliExpress “Beauty Days” sale will be held in Spring 2022, discounts will be up to 80% on top cosmetics and skincare products.

BTY160 – 160p discount from 400p
BTY320 – 320p discount from 800p
BTY400 – 400r discount from 1000r
BTY600 – 600r discount from 1500r
BTY1200 – Discount 1200r from 3000r
BTY2000 – Discount 2000r off 5000r
Promo codes for discounts in the official store “Citylink” on AliExpress

The official store “Citylink” on AliExpress has launched a sale of its products, everyone can save on purchases up to 10,000 rubles with the codes below.

All promo codes are valid on all types of store products.

FCITI100 – Discount of 100 rubles from 400r
FCITI200 – 200 rub discount from 800r
FCITI500 – 500 rubles discount from 5000r
FCITI700 – 700 rubles discount from 7000r
FCITI1000 – Discount 1000 rubles from 10 000r
FCITI2000 – 2 000 rubles discount from 19 990r
FCITI3000 – 3 000 rubles discount from 29 990r
FCITI4000 – 4000 rubles discount from 39 990r
FCITI5000 – 5000 Discount from 49 990r
FCITI6000 – 6000 rubles discount from 59 990r
FCITI7000 – 7000 Discount from 69 990r
FCITI8000 – 8000 rubles discount from 79 990r
FCITI10000 – 10 000 rubles discount from 99 900r
Promo codes for Xiaomi and POCO smartphones on AliExpress

If you were planning to buy a smartphone as a gift for someone, now is the time, great discounts on cool phones 2024

STOPZIMA1000 – Discount 1000r from 11000r
PRIVET1200 – Discount 1200r from 12000r
PRIVET1700 -1700r discount from 17000r
PRIVET3000 – Discount 3000r from 200000r
PRIVET5000 – Discount 5000r from 30000r
PRIVET6000 – Discount 6000r from 40000r

Discount on smartphones:

POCO M4 Pro 5G
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G
Redmi Note 10 Pro
Redmi Note 11
Redmi Note 11S
Redmi Note 10S
POCO M3 Pro and many more!
Promo codes for sale on AliExpress

Promo codes for home appliances from AliExpress have become even more affordable, now you can buy appliances at a discount of up to 10,000 rubles, both new users and old.

PRIMEZONE1000 – Discount 1000r from 6000r
PRIMEZONE2000 – Discount 2000r from 13000r
PRIMEZONE3000 – Discount 3000r from 20000r
PRIMEZONE4000 – Discount 4000r from 26000r
PRIMEZONE5000 – Discount 5000r from 33000r
PRIMEZONE6000 – Discount 6000r from 40000r
PRIMEZONE7000 – Discount 7000r from 46000r
PRIMEZONE8000 – Discount 8000r from 53000r
PRIMEZONE9000 – Discount 9000r from $6000r
PRIMEZONE10000 – Discount 10000r from 66000r
Promo codes for home appliances on AliExpress

Store “DEKO” has started its sale and discounts up to 45%. Wanted to buy yourself and your family tools for the house or repair, you can do it now at a discount of 6500 rubles. Current promo codes below:

SPHOME50 – Discount 50r from 300r
SPHOME100 – Discount 100r from 500r
SPHOME150 – 150r Discount from 800r
SPHOME180 – Discount 180r from 1000r
SPHOME300 – Discount 300r from 2000r
SPHOME600 – Discount 600r from 3000r
SPHOME800 – Discount 800r from 4000r
SPHOME1000 – Discount 1000r from 5000r
SPHOME1200 – Discount 1200r from 6000r
SPHOME1500 – Discount 1500r from 8000r
SPHOME1800 – Discount 1800r from 10000r
SPHOME2800 – Discount 2800r from 15000r
SPHOME3600 – Discount 3600r from 20000r
SPHOME5000 – Discount 5000r from 25000r
SPHOME6500 – 6500r Discount from 35000r

Promo codes are valid in stores:

Mi Store
and more!
Promo codes for furniture sale on AliExpress

Unique promo codes for buying furniture at AliExpress stores. Discounts of up to 7000 rubles for all.

SOSPRING100 – Discount 100r from 300r
SOSPRING150 – Discount 150r from 500r
SOSPRING300 – Discount 300r from 1000r
SOSPRING400 – 400r discount from 1500r
SOSPRING700 – 700r discount from 3000r
SOSPRING1000 – Discount 1000r from 5000r
SOSPRING1500 -1500r discount from 7000r
SOSPRING2000 – Discount 2000r from 10000r
SOSPRING3000 – Discount 3000r from 15000r
SOSPRING4000 – Discount 4000r from 20000r
SOSPRING5000 – Discount 5000r from 30000r
SOSPRING6000 – $6000r discount from 50000r
SOSPRING7000 – 7000r discount from 60000r

Specials are available at TechPort Stores:

TechPort Store
BorneoPro Store
Oneleap Store
NewVictoria Store
and more!
Promo codes for discounts in the store “sportsmaster” on AliExpress

The official store “sportsmaster” on AliExpress! Make the winter active, discounts on clothing and sporting goods up to -70%

ALISALE500 – Discount 500r from 1500r
ALISALE1000 – Discount 1000r from 2900r
ALISALE2000 – 2000r Discount from 5900r
ALISALE3500 – 3500r Discount from 11900r
ALISALE5000 – Discount 5000r from 14500r

Promocodes are valid on all goods in the store.

Promo codes for sale in “” on AliExpress

Sale in the official store “ on AliExpress. Discounts of up to -40% on the entire range! Active special promo codes for discounts up to 3500r.

FEBIT250 – Discount 250r from 1199r
FEBIT300 – Discount 300r from 1499r
FEBIT400 – 400r Discount from 2399r
FEBIT450 – Discount 450r from 2999r
FEBIT600 – 600r Discount from 4499r
VALENTIN150 – 150r Discount from 700r
VALENTIN200 – Discount 200r from 1100r
VALENTIN250 – Discount 250r from 1350r
VALENTIN300 – Discount 300r from 1650r
VALENTIN400 – Discount 400r from 2500r
VALENTIN600 – Discount 600r from 4000r

Promocodes are valid on all products in the store.

Promo codes for sale Huawei appliances on AliExpress

Discounts in the store brand “Huawei” on AliExpress! Popular appliances at the best prices. Discount up to -50% and promo codes for a discount of up to 2000r.

OWHP450 – Discount 450r on Huawei Band 6
OWHQ700 – 700r discount on Huawei Watch Fit
OWHP800 – 800r Discount for Huawei Freebuds 4i
OWHP1200 – 1200p discount for Huawei Freebuds Pro
OWHP1800 – 1800r Discount on Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro
Promo codes for select AliExpress stores

Sale of goods in popular stores AliExpress! Profitable promo codes are available for discounts up to 6000r.

SKIDSALE100 – Discount 100 from 300 rubles
SKIDSALE150 – Discount 150 from 500 rubles
SKIDSALE300 – Discount 300 from 1000 rub
SKIDSALE400 – 400 discount from 1500 rubles
SKIDSALE500 – 500 discount from 2000 rubles
SKIDSALE600 – Discount 600 from 3000 rubles
SKIDSALE800 – Discount 800 from 4,000 rubles
SKIDSALE1000 – Discount 1000 from 5000 rubles
SKIDSALE1200 – Discount 1200 from 6000 rubles
SKIDSALE1500 – Discount 1500 from 7000 rubles
SKIDSALE1800 – Discount 1800 from 8000 rubles
SKIDSALE2000 – Discount 2000 from 10000 rubles
SKIDSALE3000 – Discount 3000 from 15000 rubles
SKIDSALE4000 – Discount 4000 from 20000 rubles
SKIDSALE5000 – 5000 discount from 30000 rubles
SKIDSALE6000 -Discount 6000 from 50000 rubles

Promocodes are valid in stores:

Large home
220 Volt
and others!
Promo codes for sale brand CROCS on AliExpress

Bright gift ideas for everyone! Discounts of up to 1000r on the products CROCS in the official store AlieExpress.

CROCSS180 – Discount 180 from 900r
CROCSS250 – Discount 250 from 1250r
CROCSS300 – Discount 300 from 1500r
CROCSS400 – 400 discount from 2000r
CROCSS500 – 500 discount from 2500r
CROCSS600 – 600 discount from 3000r
CROCSS800 – Discount 800 from 4000r
CROCSS1000 – Discount 1000 from 5000r

Promo codes for children’s clothing sale on AliExpress

Sale of children’s clothing and shoes on AliExpress! Special promo codes for discounts up to 3000r.

KIDSSALE100 – Discount 100 from 495r
KIDSSALE200 – Discount 200 from 995r
KIDSSALE300 – 300 discount from 1495r
KIDSSALE1000 – Discount 1000 from 2995r
KIDSSALE1500 – Discount 1500 from 4900r
KIDSSALE2500 – 2500 off discount from 7900r
KIDSSALE3000 – Discount 3000 from 11900r

Promo codes are effective at stores:

and more!
Promocodes AliExpress on goods up to 399 rubles
lowcost – Discount 100 from 199p
LC9950 – Discount 50 off 99r
LC600503 – Discount 60 off 299r
LC399100 – Discount 100 from 399r
Promo codes for sale stationery on AliExpress

Sale in stores of office supplies and household goods on AliExpress! Buy stationery and more with up to 60% discount. Special discount promo codes are active!

GOFEB100 – Discount 100 off 300r
GOFEB150 – Discount 150 from 490r
GOFEB200 – Discount 200 from 670r
GOFEB300 – Discount 300 from 990r
GOFEB400 – 400 discount from 1290r
GOFEB800 – Discount 800r from 3490r

Promocodes are valid in the stores:

Kalina Store
The Big Stationery
and more!
Sale promo codes for pet products on AliExpress

Sale of goods for pets on AliExpress. Sale up to -60% on all pet products. Save up to 1400 rubles on special promo codes.

DPET120 – Discount 120 off 499r
DPET300 – Discount 300 from 1199r
DPET400 – 400 discount from 1599r
DPET700 – 700 discount from 2599r
DPET900 – 900 discount from 3599r
DPET1000 – Discount 1000 from 3999r
DPET1400 – 1400 discount from 5999r

Promo codes are valid in stores:

A cat with a dog
Tmall Supermarket
and others!

Guys, it is important to understand that when you use promo codes your IP must be the same on the page of ordering and promo activation page, many write that youuzayut VPN and the system rejects promo codes. Yes, it will, because the data must be the same in the system. If you are not able to find a promo code today, then come back to this page later to see the updated codes.

How to get AliExpress promo codes

There are several ways to get AliExpress promo codes, always the receiving method is changing and different, our team tries to check all updates and notify users about new promo codes in the PM or on the page. In addition, we try to divide AliExpress coupons by sections according to their popularity.


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