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Ashley from Resident Evil 4 in a new look: Capcom surprised fans

Capcom has pleased fans of Resident Evil 4 with changes in the appearance of Ashley. In the remake of the game, the heroine looks completely different due to the fact that her appearance was created on the basis of two models – the face was given to the character by Ella Frey, and the “body” was provided by cosplayer PeachMilky.

After creating the new look, PeachMilky posted a photoshoot on social media to please fans of the game. In it, the girl portrays Ashley in an alternate form that does not appear in the remake, but was only available in the original version of the game after completing the story.

The costume of the new look consists of snow-white skinny trousers and an elegant top. In addition, in some photos the model poses in short shorts. Previously, PeachMilky cosplayed Ashley in a classic look with a short skirt, tights and an orange jacket.

Ashley’s makeover sparked an online discussion among Resident Evil 4 fans who appreciated Capcom’s decision.

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