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The Devil Within: Satgat - photo №118658
The Devil Within: Satgat - photo №118657

The Devil Within: Satgat

Game Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie
Platforms: PC
Game Release Date: 09 Apr 2024
Developer: Newcore Games
Features: Single-player
Age: 38+


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Newcore Games Unveils “The Devil Within: Satgat”

On April 9th, the gaming world welcomed an exciting new addition with the early access release of “The Devil Within: Satgat” on Steam. Developed by the talented team at Newcore Games and published under the banner of Astrolabe Games, this game introduces a unique blend of genres. As a 2.5D adventure platformer with elements of Metroidvania and character progression, “The Devil Within: Satgat” promises a deep and engaging gameplay experience.

Embodying Kim Rip: Journey of a Royal Guard

The storyline centers around Kim Rip, a courageous royal guard who embarks on a mission to unravel the dark secrets of the Black Sting and cleanse the world from its vile influence. The game invites players to follow Kim’s thrilling adventures, exploring a vast world filled with unique characters and packed with complex puzzles and challenges.

Localization and Accessibility

Unfortunately, at present, “The Devil Within: Satgat” does not offer Russian localization and is available only in English. This might pose a barrier for Russian-speaking players seeking to fully immerse themselves in the game’s story and world.


“The Devil Within: Satgat” stands out as a vibrant representative of contemporary indie games, offering not just another game but an entire New World filled with mysteries and adventures. Despite the lack of Russian localization, the project deserves attention for its distinctive style, detailed world-building, and captivating gameplay.


  1. Will there be a Russian localization for “The Devil Within: Satgat”?
    • Currently, there is no information on plans to add Russian localization.
  2. Is “The Devil Within: Satgat” suitable for newcomers to the Metroidvania genre?
    • Yes, thanks to intuitive controls and available in-game guides, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced players.
  3. Where can I purchase “The Devil Within: Satgat”?
    • The game is available for purchase and download through the Steam platform.

System Requirements


OC: Windows 10 64bit
Processor: 3 GHz Quad Core
RAM: 8192 MB RAM
Videocard: 4GB Ram , DirectX 11 compliant
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 15360

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