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War Thunder - photo โ„–112691
War Thunder - photo โ„–112690

War Thunder

Game Genre: Action, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, Shooters
Platforms: Linux, macOS, PC
Game Release Date: 15 Aug 2013
Developer: Gaijin Distribution Kft, Gaijin Entertainment
Features: Multiplayer, Online Co-op, Online PvP, Single-player
Age: 12+

Updates, Streams

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War Thunder is a popular online multiplayer game that puts players in the driver’s seat of various World War II vehicles, including tanks, aircraft, and naval vessels. With its realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, War Thunder has captivated millions of players worldwide.

In War Thunder, players can choose from a wide range of vehicles from different nations, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Whether you prefer the fast and agile fighter planes or the heavy-hitting tanks, there is a vehicle to suit every playstyle. The game offers a variety of game modes, including realistic battles, arcade battles, and even a cooperative mode where players can team up against AI-controlled enemies.

One of the key features that sets War Thunder apart from other similar games is its attention to detail. The developers have painstakingly recreated the vehicles and environments to provide an authentic World War II experience. From the sound of the engines to the damage models, every aspect of the game is designed to be as realistic as possible.

War Thunder also boasts a strong community of players, with regular updates and events to keep the game fresh and engaging. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, there is always something new to discover and master.

In conclusion, War Thunder is a must-play game for any fan of World War II history or military simulations. With its rich and detailed gameplay, realistic graphics, and engaging community, it offers an immersive experience like no other. So buckle up, take control of your favorite vehicle, and prepare for epic battles in the skies, on land, and at sea.
The multiplayer game War Thunder will take you to the world of the most significant battles of the last century. Here you will encounter military vehicles from different eras and 3 main modes for battles: ground, air, and naval. War Thunder also includes mixed types of battles, where you can use helicopters, ships with airplanes, and other aviation. By the way, aviation in War Thunder is implemented at the highest level – here you will find real planes from different eras. And many battles will take place on maps similar to real ones. The sizes of locations in War Thunder range from about 65-200 square kilometers. In general, the War Thunder engine supports maps up to 300 “squares”. Depending on the player’s preferences, they can choose a certain level of difficulty. But in any case, War Thunder is essentially a shooter with a multiplayer mode, where high-quality graphics are implemented, visible in every detail of the battle. In total, War Thunder allows you to play for 9 nations: USSR, France, Japan, America, Italy, Britain, China, and Sweden. Progress obtained at one level does not carry over to the next, which makes the game even more interesting and captivating, as essentially everything has to be started anew. Compared to previous tank games, War Thunder is much more complex. To show results here, you will have to think a lot to develop that winning tactic. Everything in the game can be thought out to the smallest detail. There is a lot of different interesting content here, which will definitely not let you get bored. The variety of research branches alone can take several hours or even days. It is also worth noting the unique mechanics of shooting and armor penetration. Shooting randomly and defeating the opponent is definitely not possible. The main mechanics of the game can be seen in the arcade mode, but to immerse yourself more in the gameplay, it is worth playing a battle in the simulator. In this mode, the view is very limited, and there is no assistance when aiming. To figure it out here, you will need to spend a lot of effort and time. In the game, besides tanks, you can also control airplanes and ships.

System Requirements


OC: Windows 10 (64bit)
Processor: Dual-Core 2.2 GHz
RAM: 4096 MB RAM
Videocard: DirectX 10.1 level video card
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 17408


OC: Windows 10/11 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 or Ryzen 5 3600 or better
RAM: 16384 MB RAM
Videocard: DirectX 11 level video card or higher and drivers
DirectX: Version 12
Disk space: 97280

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