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Age is Just a Number: 75-Year-Old Retiree Conquers Genshin Impact

In a world where video games have long transcended the realm of youth-exclusive entertainment, stories like this one are becoming increasingly common and inspiring. Our tale begins with an unusual hobby taken up by a 75-year-old father who recently discovered the captivating world of Genshin Impact. This Journey started a decade ago when health issues led him to retire. It was then that video games entered his life, serving as a bridge to new hobbies and interests.

Genshin Impact, developed by the Chinese studio miHoYo, has become more than just a pastime for him; it’s a way to travel through a magical world, explore vast landscapes, and battle mythical creatures. This game, with its vibrant and rich environment, where every stone and tree is imbued with magic, allows the elderly gamer to feel young and energetic again.

His daily routine is now inextricably linked to Genshin Impact. According to his son, the father even wakes up early on Mondays to “farm” bosses and update his inventory. Their family conversations often revolve around the latest achievements in the game, new quests, and strategies for completing them.

This passion showcases how outdated stereotypes about age and gaming have become. Video games can serve not only as a source of entertainment but also as a means of social activity, education, and even therapy. The story of this 75-year-old gamer confirms that the desire to seek new experiences, the drive for development, and the thirst for discoveries know no age limits.

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