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Contra Returns / Contra Mobile

Жанр игры: Action, Platformer, Run & gun
Платформы: Android
Дата выхода игры: 20 Авг 2023
Разработчик: Level Infinite
Особенности: 41
Возраст: 12+
Рейтинг: 74
Скачиваний: 5000000+


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The developers have improved and turned the well-known game Contra Returns into a mobile product. Now, fans of smartphone games will be able to fully appreciate all the efforts of its creators. The game has been enhanced, and the changes are significant. The updated interface has made the product better. All the advantages of the old original project have been preserved in the new version. For example, the beloved classic gameplay that many people enjoy is still present.

The two-player mode has also been preserved. Many will be pleased to know that the mobile game still features alien bosses and the original soundtrack. Additionally, the game has been improved with higher-quality graphics and the addition of 3D character models. Many players will also be excited to know that Contra Mobile now has new PvP modes.

A set of unique heroes has been added to the new version. In addition, the game has received a completely new pet system and other enjoyable features that make the gameplay even more exciting.

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