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Left 4 Dead - photo №113316
Left 4 Dead - photo №113315

Left 4 Dead

Жанр игры: Action, Шутеры, Для одного игрока, Экшены
Платформы: macOS, PC, Xbox 360
Дата выхода игры: 17 Ноя 2008
Разработчик: Turtle Rock Studios, Valve
Особенности: Online Co-op, Single-player
Возраст: 17+


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The original and captivating video game Left 4 Dead, belonging to the major American developer Turtle Rock Studios, has become the biggest surprise of the year in the genres of first-person shooter and survival horror. It showed users and many companies what can happen when a strong and experienced studio takes on the creation of such a non-standard genre that involves the idea of zombies.

As a result, users received an interesting and captivating game with the most original gameplay and cool features. It is worth noting that this version is suitable for solo play, but it is much cooler to spend this time in the company of fellow survivors. Solving situational tasks is more effective as a team. The developers were not afraid to incorporate some elements from zombie movies, as these types of plots are already very similar to each other.

The American company added the very best to Left 4 Dead. As a result, users — players not only get a beautiful picture, but also excellent balance, four campaigns, each of which brings something new and special to the entertainment.

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The game Left 4 Dead developed by Turtle Rock Studios, Valve, Valve Software studio(s) in the genre Action, Шутеры, Для одного игрока, Экшены and available on platforms such as macOS, PC, Xbox 360. On this page, you can find the release date of the game Left 4 Dead, as well as the latest news, reviews and additions. We often publish guides, modifications and video materials in the right categories of the game.

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