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Sunset Riders

Жанр игры: Action, Shooter
Платформы: Android
Дата выхода игры: 24 Ноя 2022
Разработчик: H-index
Особенности: 41
Возраст: 7+
Рейтинг: 70
Скачиваний: 100000+


Скачать игру 36 Google Play

The game has a very simple yet captivating storyline. Two bounty hunters are constantly on the hunt for different criminals, and they must eliminate them all. The villains are very cunning and may not appear in public for a long time, only engaging in battle under certain circumstances. To prepare for this, the hunters must always be ready for combat and reload their guns.

This game is considered one of the best released in the 90s. Before it became available on Sega Mega Drive, it was launched for arcade machines. Due to the game’s transfer, some data was lost. In the original version, players could choose one of four characters. It is possible to play this game entirely alone or with friends if desired. To progress to the next level, one simply needs to kill the required bandit and receive a reward for it. The game is not considered too difficult, but it cannot be called very easy either. There is a special mode that allows players to engage in a duel with their friends.

You can play this game now in one of two ways: using a Sega Mega Drive emulator on a computer or through Arcade Archives on PS4, where you can even play with up to four people. We recommend playing on a computer as it is much more convenient.

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