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How to increase storage on PS5.

It’s worth noting that many gamers are just starting to explore their brand-new PS5, which was released on November 12th of last year, though availability varies by location. The PS5’s next-gen engine comes with an 825GB storage, but part of this space is occupied by the operating system and essential files, leaving players with only 665GB to use.

There are various ways to manage this storage:

  • M.2 SSD Expansion – In reality, even 665GB isn’t sufficient, so you can expand the storage up to 4TB. It’s worth noting that the console has a free slot that can accommodate 2-4TB. The SSD expansion feature for PS5 became available in 2021, thanks to NVMe SSDs – due to their connectors, these drives can process up to 24 units more data than previous consoles;
  • External SSD – This is one of the best ways to expand your PS5 storage by connecting an external solid-state drive. However, this action comes with a slight inconvenience as players can only store and play PS4 games from it. The data transfer in systems with SATA solid-state drives is considerably slower than with NVMe solid-state drives;
  • Portable Hard Drive – Another option is to use a portable SSD, giving you the flexibility to choose a portable hard drive. However, the consequences will be the same as with an external SSD. On the flip side, hard drives use mechanical plates and a movable read/write head, allowing for quicker data access, resulting in faster loading speeds and no delays when opening applications and the like.

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