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The best anime on Netflix (2024): top 10

In a realm where Netflix has evolved into a genuine anime powerhouse, offering fans of Japanese animation (and beyond) a gateway to incredible worlds and stories, we bring to you an exclusive selection of the top-10 anime titles that you must add to your watchlist. This collection isn’t just a compilation; it’s a guide through the artful, dramatic, and inspirational world of anime on Netflix, where each show is a unique blend of artistry, narrative depth, and excitement.

  1. “Blue-Eyed Samurai” – It’s more than a tale of vengeance; it’s an immersion into medieval Japan through the eyes of a female warrior. This show, where every frame is filled with emotion and each character carries deep significance, reinterprets the world of samurais through a feminist lens.
  2. “Yasuke” – Not just a story about the African samurai, but about the importance of finding one’s path against all odds. This anime, where historical facts weave through fantasy, is an anthem to courage and friendship.
  3. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners – This anime transports you into a future world where technology and humanity are on the brink of conflict. It’s not merely a game adaptation; it’s a standalone story about dreams, desperation, and the pursuit of something better.
  4. “Pluto” – A deep and complex anime that provokes thought about the price of progress and morality. Mixing detective fiction, sci-fi, and philosophy through the lens of the Astro Boy universe, it challenges viewers on multiple levels.
  5. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – An adaptation that reinterprets a familiar story, adding new dimensions and emotional twists. This show about love, music, and finding oneself in a world where every day could be an adventure.
  6. “Onimusha” – An immersion into the Sengoku era with a fantastical twist and an unusual hero who challenges evil with demonic power. It’s a tale of honor, bravery, and sacrifice.
  7. “Vampire in the Garden” – An anime where war and peace, love and hatred, humanity, and monstrosity intertwine in a dance of fate. It’s a Journey searching for a lost paradise in a world torn apart by conflict.
  8. “Dragon Age: Redemption” – More than just an anime for fans of the game series; it’s a separate story with a rich world, deep characters, and an engaging plot that reveals new facets of Thedas.
  9. “Dungeon of Delicacy” – A unique combination of adventure and culinary arts, where each dish is not just art but a means of survival. This anime is about appreciating every moment of life and finding joy in simple things.
  10. “Heavenly Invasion” – An enthralling journey into a world where each step could be your last. This anime is about the power of will, friendship, and hope shining even in the darkest hour.

Each of these anime not only entertains but also makes you think deeply, experience the joys and sorrows of its characters, and discover something new and unexplored. Netflix continues to delight us with quality content, making the anime selection richer and more diverse.

Expert’s Answer

Can I watch these anime outside Netflix?

Most of the listed anime are Netflix exclusives, so a subscription to the service is required to watch them.

Which anime are suitable for beginners?

If you’re new to anime, we recommend starting with “Yasuke” and “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” as they are easy to digest and contain elements familiar to Western audiences.

Are there any anime on Netflix for children?

Netflix offers a wide range of anime for all age groups, including shows suitable for children. Make sure to select anime with the appropriate age rating.

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