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Captain Shepard will be the main character of Mass Effect 5 - photo №63327

Captain Shepard will be the main character of Mass Effect 5

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BioWare is in no rush to release new Mass Effect 5 details . But the fans themselves have said that Shepard’s return is possible in the long-awaited release. After the failed launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda, gamers are hoping for more flashy gameplay.

Players are convinced that the protagonist of Mass Effect 5 will be Shepard . A user noticed that in one of the scenes, Captain Shepard’s partner talks about cryosleep technology. It turns out that the main character can be frozen for several thousand years to make a real legend out of him.

Most fans liked this theory. The post with this idea gained more than three thousand likes. Users share their opinion in the comments. Some believe that it is best to leave a banal plot instead of a pretentious attempt to save civilization. Gamers believe that the world of Mass Effect 5 is so big that interest can be warmed up without a struggle for survival.

BioWare, in turn, has not yet made any official announcements. Let’s hope the action doesn’t disappoint fans.

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