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Peacemaker: who he is and how to play as him

The Peacekeepers are very strong in the game, and they all belong to the Ventrue clan. Their primary role is that of a tank, and they excel at infiltrating enemy lines and forcing them to surrender. The unique abilities of the character can help achieve these goals in the game.

What abilities does the Peacekeeper hero have in Bloodhunt?

  • 1 Active Ability – Marble Flesh (the clan’s main power). Turns the character’s skin into marble, making them completely invulnerable until they choose to attack.
  • 2 Active Ability – Unbridled Charge (the archetype’s main power). A powerful leap forward that deals minor damage to all enemies the hero passes through. All affected enemies cannot use their abilities while under its effect.
  • 3 Passive Ability – Subduing Presence. When approaching enemies, it significantly slows them down and helps predict their attacks, making it easier to land hits on them.

How to play as a Peacekeeper in Bloodhunt?

Thanks to their abilities, you can start the game in the center of the zone and move towards areas with rare gear. The key is to quickly find better close combat weapons and not be afraid to engage with enemies.

Even at the minimum level, this hero is very powerful because they can use Marble Flesh to get up close to the enemy. They are strongest in close quarters combat and fully unleash their potential there.

Don’t forget to drink the blood of the innocent to enhance your combat stats. Try to level up your combat abilities through kills and the blood of enemies (vampires).

Try not to engage with multiple players at once, as the chances of killing multiple opponents are minimal, and you might end up getting killed. One-on-one battles have an 80% win rate, even if you haven’t played the game before.

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