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Russia’s Sexiest Streamers

Streamers have only recently begun to enjoy popularity. Their viewing ratings and fan reverence were clearly inferior to those of cosplayers. But time goes on, times change, and streamers began to gain fans all over the world. Of course, this popularity is largely due to the unusual beauty of the girls.

But Russian streamers also have something to offer viewers! It is not for nothing that the sexiest streamers from Russia often appear in international tops. Perhaps, it’s time to do your own rating!

Julia by_Owl Ivleva

Russia's Sexiest Streamers → photo 10

This beauty’s 420,000 subscribers on Twitch have come from a long line of work. More precisely, Yulia is not just streaming games or demonstrating strange actions. She prefers a warm and ladylike stream with simple communication. At the moment she lives in St. Petersburg and has no plans to go anywhere!

Angelina Angelina031 Nesterenko

Russia's Sexiest Streamers → photo 11

When we talk about what sexy streamers are supposed to be like, just look at Angelina. She may only have 32,000 subscribers on Twitch, but she has been rapidly gaining popularity lately. The girl is into such games as The Witcher 3, Uncharted 4 and even World of Tanks!

Ekaterina ekatze007 Bulankina

Russia's Sexiest Streamers → photo 12

The list of sexy streamers of the Russian Federation can’t do without Ekaterina. By the way, you may know her as Slava buster Leontyev’s girlfriend! Well, loyal fans know that Catherine already has more than 600 thousand subscribers on her Twitch channel!

Karina KEYEREN Bezrukova

Russia's Sexiest Streamers → photo 13

Beautiful streamers like to talk about sports and healthy eating. Karina is just one of those girls. That’s why she is not shy to show her body to her subscribers on social networks!

Sonya RudySayuki Demchenko

Russia's Sexiest Streamers → photo 14

Just 62,000 subscribers says nothing about the popularity of this streamer Sonya has been streaming since 2016 and regularly makes it to the top. Of course, her extremely attractive appearance also helps her in this.

Darya Gaechkatm Kudanova

Russia's Sexiest Streamers → photo 15

An interesting streamer with more than 400,000 subscribers on her Twitch channel continues to stir the hearts of her fans. Daria has managed to make even the popular streamer JesusAVGN’s head spin, but the relationship between them did not start. And understandably, with her looks there will be no shortage of fans, so there’s no hurry!

Anna kosstochka Vishvenkova

Russia's Sexiest Streamers → photo 16

This girl loves to show her body and does it as spectacularly as possible. Of course, she cannot be called a model streamer who goes through various games. But instead she airs for simple socializing and watching movies together.

Valeria leron_baron Drozdova

Russia's Sexiest Streamers → photo 17

The new face of Russian Streaming, who is also not shy about showing off her charms. Her Journey has just begun, but Valeria already boasts 86,000 subscribers on Twitch.

Karina Sharishaxd Sycheva

Russia's Sexiest Streamers → photo 18

What would the list of sexiest streamers be without Karina? Here we thought for sure you were waiting for her in our ranking. Karina needs no introduction, especially since she recently opened her account on OnlyFans!