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Rumor: Sony Releasing PS5 Console With Surprising New Feature

Post date: 20 Sep 2022
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A new rumor suggests that Sony is planning to release a new PlayStation 5 model in 2024 with a surprising new feature.

According to a recent report, Sony is planning to release a new PlayStation 5 console model in 2024 with a detachable disc drive. Sony has made small tweaks to its PlayStation 5 console since the system’s launch in 2020, but now it seems a more drastic change could be on the way.

As reported by reputable leaker Tom Henderson, Sony may be preparing a new PS5 console for release around September 2024. In terms of power, fans can expect this new PS5 console to be about the same as the other models on the market, but the detachable disc drive will be its defining feature. This supposed digital-only PS5 console will reportedly be sold on its own as well as in a bundle with the disc drive. The disc drive itself is expected to be sold separately, so those with existing PS5 Digital Edition consoles should also be able to use it as well. The report claims that existing PS5 consoles will be completely replaced by this new model, so we may get to a point where PS5 Digital Edition consoles are effectively the only choice available to consumers.

Aesthetically, it’s believed that this new PS5 console will look similar to the ones that are currently available, but it’s expected to be “slimmer and lighter.” The move away from having a console with a built-in disc drive will undoubtedly be a hugely controversial decision on Sony’s part, though the detachable disc drive should alleviate concerns for those who still prefer physical media.

Eventually, it’s likely that video games will move away from physical media completely. Sony and Microsoft have both released video game consoles that are digital-only, with Microsoft’s Xbox Series S filling that role and Sony’s existing PS5 Digital Edition console doing the same. Video game sales are increasingly digital, and at some point down the line, one would think that video game sales are going to be 100% digital.

For now, though, there are still many consumers who prefer physical media, and so the detachable disc drive would cater to their needs. The disc drive could also be helpful for those that have a PS5 Digital Edition console but have built up a library of physical PS4 games that they can’t use on their system, but will now be able to if they buy the disc drive.

Fans should take this information about a new PS5 console model and its detachable disc drive with a massive grain of salt until it’s officially announced by Sony.

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