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Game Genre: Action, Indie, Indy, Metroidvania
Platforms: PC, Windows
Game Release Date: 02 Aug 2021
Developer: Akupara Games, Clover Bite
Features: Single-player


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Grime is a role-playing action game with elements of horror and metroidvania-style gameplay, released in 2021 by Clover Bite. The story unfolds in a surreal world where the player controls a character with a black hole instead of a head.

This badass will fight enemies by devouring them with the black hole to increase their power. Since he doesn’t have any real weapons (swords, guns), he will create them from parts of defeated monster bodies. For example, he can detach the stinger of a flying mutant and use it for close combat, or use the clawed paw of another monster to keep its kin at bay.

The main goal of the game Grime is for the hero to unravel their origin and destroy the mutants in the surrounding world, led by their boss. The game impresses with well-designed fantastical locations, a unique side-view perspective, and a detailed combat system that allows for an individual approach to each enemy. While the story development is minimal, the dynamic gameplay keeps things exciting.

In this game, you can allocate energy wherever you need it, upgrading only the abilities that best suit your fighting style. Explore dim caves and barren landscapes where you must uncover hidden facts and secrets. In these places, you will have a special opportunity to encounter amazing creatures and determine which world they belong to. Defend against attacks from beasts and other dangerous animals, and give them a run for their money with just one attempt to strike at you. Mix them with the ground and everything around, devouring what remains of them and strengthening your abilities.

System Requirements


OC: Windows 10
Processor: 3rd Gen i5/1nd Gen Ryzen
RAM: 4096 MB RAM
Videocard: GeForce 7 Series/Radeon R7 Series
Disk space: 5120


OC: Windows 10
Processor: 7th Gen i5/3rd Gen Ryzen (or better)
RAM: 8192 MB RAM
Videocard: GeForce 10 Series/Radeon RX400 Series (or better)
Disk space: 5 GB available space

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