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GTA Chinatown Wars

Game Genre: Action, Action-adventure, Actions, Adventures
Platforms: Android, iOS, Nintendo DS
Game Release Date: 17 March 2009
Developer: Rockstar Games, Rockstar Leeds
Age: 17+
Rating: 68
Downloads: 1000000+


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Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is a kind of experiment by Rockstar studio, which wanted to look back and create something similar to the old hits. As a result, it turned out to be a decent game for mobile devices and portable consoles. However, gamers were already accustomed to a different version of their favorite franchise, so the return to a top-down view was met with coolness.

But it is still worth recommending Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars for playing. Firstly, a unique plot was created for the game in an unusual setting for the series. After all, gang wars between Chinese mafias were rarely touched upon in the main parts on PC. And here, the gamer will have to immerse themselves in the center of intense action and survive at any cost!

Secondly, despite the old top-down camera view, the city is sufficiently well-detailed. It should also be taken into account that Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars was created with a focus on old-generation portable consoles, so one should not expect breakthrough graphics here.

And now the game is available on Android and iOS! Moreover, it supports remote controllers and provides improved graphics on Apple processors. So download the game and try to appreciate Rockstar’s unusual creation.

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