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Nier Re[in]carnation

Game Genre: Action-strategy, Casual, Role-playing game
Platforms: Android
Game Release Date: 04 Apr 2024
Developer: LTD., SQUARE ENIX Co.
Features: Single-player
Age: 18+
Rating: 88
Downloads: 1000000+


Download game Nier Re[in.. Google Play

“Nier Re[in]carnation” is a role-playing, mobile anime video game spin-off from the Nier series developed by Applibot. The creative director for the game’s development is Taro. Square Enix is the publisher. The game was initially released in 2021 in Japan on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The worldwide release of “Nier Re[in]carnation” also took place this week on mobile devices. The events of this game take place in the Nier game universe and its sequel, “Nier: Automata.” If you want to test the game, download it and enjoy the mysterious gaming world of “Nier Re[in]carnation.” Meanwhile, we will also be watching the game as it presents itself in the gaming world, as it was released recently. Let’s see what happens. Hopefully, the hard work of the Applibot developers will pay off.

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