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Worms 4

Game Genre: Play Pass, Strategies, Strategy, Для нескольких игроков
Platforms: Android, iOS
Game Release Date: 03 Sen 2015
Developer: Team 17 Digital Limited, Team17 Digital
Features: Online Co-op
Age: 7+
Rating: 80
Downloads: 100000+


Download game Worms 4 Google Play

Finally, Team17 developers have created Worms 4 for owners of various devices. This 3D artillery game will delight with bright colors, interesting plots, and fun characters.

Real-time battles: you can fight in real-time from anywhere in the world. This is a great feature as there is currently no alternative to Worms.

Short and explosive matches provide more excitement and enjoyment. They are also more intense and dynamic.

The upgraded menu provides a smooth start to the game.

The fantastic animated graphics beautifully convey the brightness and clarity of the lines, even on the smallest screens.

But that’s not all. Just take a look at the list we offer below, and it becomes clear why Team17 praises their Worms 4.

So, let’s break it down:

The introduction of new weapons to eliminate the enemy. Just aim the “Halley’s Comet”.

Transformation of the existing arsenal of weapons. Rewards and presents in Worms 4 constantly pour in. Each gamer can collect a large number (100) of prizes to upgrade their worm’s arsenal. It is worth noting that you can apply the upgrades as you see fit.

5 locations where you can compete. Middle Turf, Candiville, Wacky-Habara, Tomorrow Islands, and Fro Zone – hand-drawn regions for your enjoyment.

80 missions to master the game solo. Test your skills, acquire new abilities, and develop your own behavioral strategy with these 80 missions.

The introduction of factions: Players can choose which flag (red or blue) they want to compete under. Their choice is confirmed with an oath. Faction representatives compete against each other. Winning or losing is a matter of luck. Victory brings great rewards.

Daily missions: By participating in daily missions, each player receives additional perks for themselves and their faction.

Loot: Spin the wheel of fortune, win, and open chests with prizes – rewards and the opportunity to upgrade your worm.

Global competitions held every week. Players from different parts of the world can participate. Gamers who take part try to represent their faction in the best light. Each player receives a certain reward for global events.

Settings: The game offers individual customization options that make each worm unique.

Solo or with friends – the choice is yours. Worms 4 can be played alone, but it’s definitely more fun with friends. Log into your Facebook account and enjoy multiplayer matches.

The game has been highly praised by gamers and journalists.

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