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Night Vision Cheat in Warzone. - photo №86730

Night Vision Cheat in Warzone.

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Many Call of Duty Warzone players have started noticing “unfair players.”

Some unfair players are using auto-marking of enemies and using night vision goggles. Night vision goggles don’t provide any special advantages, but it seems that the hackers’ goal is different – they probably want to demonstrate to everyone that they can dominate in front of Activision’s anti-cheat.

Well-known streamer with the nickname Yungstaz, also known as Steven Galloway, managed to record a session where it’s clearly seen how a player activates auto-marking for all enemies and wears night vision goggles. This caught the streamer’s interest, and so he decided to ask a couple of questions to this player after the game. After finishing the game, he had a conversation with this cheater and found out that the cheater has been using his cheat for about five months already. When Yungstaz tried to find out how much they charge for this cheat, the cheater claimed that it’s impossible to purchase it.

After all of this, the cheater activated another hack and changed his in-game nickname to “LITERALLY AIM ASSIST M8.” Such incidents turned out not to be isolated, and soon other players also encountered similar cheaters. One of them was a Reddit user with the nickname “PerfectEfficiency8.”

These night vision goggles are not available in Warzone itself, but you can still use them in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019), which served as the basis for the developers to create the “Battle Royale” mode. This story has caused a stir in the gaming community, which actively started discussing it on forums and other communication platforms.

After encountering such cheaters who use new hacks, Activision announced that more than 475 thousand accounts have been banned for these violations in Call of Duty: Warzone. How to obtain a cheat in Warzone? That remains a mystery.

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