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Games wear out the iPhone – how true it is and whether it’s real to “kill” a smartphone with games

Mobile gaming is experiencing a new renaissance – the performance of smartphones is enough to run titles with heavy graphics approaching the level of desktop PCs. Of course, mobile devices are far away from games with ray tracing and DLSS, but something close to consoles of past generations already works with comfortable FPS.

Related to this is a common fear of users – how quickly the iPhone will fall apart if you run games. Let’s find out if gaming affects the life of the battery, the chip and the screen.

How harmful are games for the iPhone

Let’s say you’ve decided to buy the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. Here the top chip, 6 GB of RAM, a huge screen with thin frames. The gadget is designed to play on it. Given the cost of the device, you would not want to wear it out in six months to a year. So you have to limit yourself in gamer’s “appetites”. But is it worth it?

The main problem that provokes the passage of titl is the heating of the smartphone. Theoretically, something casual like Tetris or “Three in a Row” should not load the processor.

If there are a lot of ads in the software, after each stage of the network will be loaded rollers and run other elements of the interface. This gradually increases the temperature of the device – the processor processes a lot of data, works at a high frequency and generates heat.

The same applies to multitasking. For example, while playing a game you get a notification, you went to messenger and responded. Then you get a call, you open the Phone app, have a conversation and go back to the game. If you are constantly switching between applications, your device is bound to get hot.

The heat affects all components of your smartphone. If you exceed the permissible temperature – the chip (with all the components, like internal memory and RAM), the battery and the screen will degrade.

Each component will fail in its own way:

The battery will lose capacity;
the display will begin to fade;
the processor will stop processing tasks, because of this, the smartphone will shut down spontaneously.

But this is only possible in the case of total overheating, which is not easy to achieve.

Built-in mechanisms to protect against overheating

The operating system on the iPhone is able to protect the gadget from severe heating. First, when high temperatures are reached, the device activates trotlining. The smartphone begins to reset frequencies, that is, to work with less performance, which will allow to cool the smartphone.

Secondly, the brightness of the screen is reset. Since the display area is large, this step will quickly cool the smartphone. Third, if you charge the smartphone, the process will stop because of the increased temperature. You will not be able to heat the device to critical levels.

Of course, it is better to handle the device with care. But the smartphone is designed to use it, not to keep it on the shelf. As you have seen, games do not harm the iPhone, the main thing is to do it in moderation, so as not to harm yourself.

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