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Player Reactions to the Warzone Update and Map: A Brief Overview

I’m just a gamer like you, keeping an eye on the news and sharing them with you. The latest update had its bugs, and the integration messed up the game – that’s for sure. But, you know what? I still enjoyed playing. There were glitches, crashes, but it was comfortable to play. I knew it was unbearable on Xbox, and on PC, it was hit or miss. Some had a better experience, while others didn’t. Some PlayStation players even had to reinstall the game. And the servers were buggy everywhere, but two days ago, they completely broke down. Nevertheless, I managed to play quite successfully.

But yesterday, I decided to play with a buddy from the chat. I’m on PlayStation, and he’s on PC. Of course, we got kicked out of the first match, and then the second one too. The third one loaded fine, but the servers were terribly glitchy. My packets were disappearing, and my character was as good as invisible. Opening the parachute muted the sound, and any weapons on the ground appeared as grey models, invisible when picked up. However, I did manage to get a couple of kills.

The problem was obvious – he was the host, and Russian servers changed to my European ones. We got kicked out a couple more times, and none of the issues were resolved.

Without much discussion, we went to Rebirth Island, and as you’ve guessed, everything was the same, but on Rebirth Island.

I thanked my friend for the game and came to an obvious conclusion – without crossplay, everything worked fine for me. I disconnected from him and went to the island. I won’t bother telling you that everything remained the same, because you already understand that.

How did I solve it?

I did a full console reboot, and everything went back to normal. Well, maybe it’s not a fix, but I had all those problems, and they disappeared entirely. So, okay, maybe this is my advice, but now I understand what everyone is talking about when they mention the game’s broken state. And the harshest part is that we probably won’t see a massive fixing patch anytime soon.

It’s a pity, and it’s very unpleasant.

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