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The “Games to be” festival started in Steam

The “Games to be” festival started in Steam. The “Games to Be” festival is an event during which players can try game demos, communicate with developers, watch broadcasts and learn about the games that will be released on Steam.

The February demo festival “Games to Be” has started in Steam

Hundreds of demos of different games became available to players, some of them:

  • Dungeonborne, a PvPvE action game with dungeon roaming;
  • Stormgate, an RTS about the war between humans and aliens;
  • Synergy, a city-building game about humanity’s survival in a strange and hostile world;
  • TerraTech Worlds, a PvE game about survival on different planets.

The festival will end on February 12 at 21:00 Moscow time. Be sure to visit the festival page here.

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