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What PlayStation 5 Pro will be like – all known insights and rumors about the new console

PlayStation 5 came out in late 2020 and immediately after its release, rumors of a possible PlayStation 5 Pro began to swirl. Since then, a lot of news has been published about the development of the upcoming model. As of today, much more is already known, so we decided to gather all the insights about the new console.

Approximate release date of the PS5 Pro

What PlayStation 5 Pro will be like - all known insights and rumors about the new console → photo 4

It is assumed that the release date of the PS5 Pro could be September 2024. That is, almost four years after the release of the regular PlayStation 5. This is indicated by a recent leak, in which just the specified date appeared. The rumors were confirmed by well-known insider and journalist Jeff Grubb in his podcast.

In addition to this, Tom Henderson has also made a bid for this months. Previously, he was the one who repeatedly talked about the existence of PS5 Slim and PlayStation Portal.

Based on this and the information that Nintendo has delayed the release of its next hardware to early 2025, it’s more than safe to assume that the PS5 Pro will be released in the fall of 2024, despite the lack of official announcements.

PS5 Pro specs based on rumors and insiders


The PS5 Pro will provide higher rendering and ray tracing, unlike past models. This will allow for more efficient in-game visual effects. This was revealed by youtuber Moore’s Law Is Dead, who has repeatedly leaked information about upcoming chips and performance capabilities from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA.

Perhaps through the use of PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling, Sony will be able to achieve improved performance. This technology utilizes artificial intelligence to create visual effects more efficiently.

The PS5 Pro has a chance to reach a new level of visual quality. If the last version supported 4K, we should assume that PS5 Pro will support 8K resolution. But to achieve such a result, it will require an upgrade of the PS5 Pro’s innards. Based on insider information, that’s exactly what’s in store for it.

Differences between PS5 Pro and regular PS5

What PlayStation 5 Pro will be like - all known insights and rumors about the new console → photo 5

If we directly compare the upcoming PS5 Pro and the PS5, we can say that the upcoming model will have a higher performance.

The processor that will be on the PS5 Pro will be similar to the ones that are already on the past versions of the PS5, but with a possible acceleration of frequencies.

The PS5 Pro will have a removable disk. This will allow for seamless swapping of games and not having to download them again. But the main difference will be the quality of graphics.

And if we talk in the language of numbers, the comparison of models looks like this:

  • PS5 PS5 Pro (possible)
  • Computing blocks – 36 Computing blocks – 60
  • RAM bandwidth – 14,000 Mt/sec RAM bandwidth – 18,000 Mt/sec
  • Video chip architecture – RDNA 2 Video chip architecture – RDNA 3
  • Peak CPU frequency – 3.5 GHz Peak CPU frequency – 3.6 GHz
  • Maximum performance – 10.28 teraflops Maximum performance – 23 teraflops
  • Resolution – 4K Resolution – 8K

Perhaps to avid gamers this difference won’t seem huge, because be that as it may, the PS5 Pro is just an improved model, not a new one. Even so, you should expect a colossally improved visuals.

How much the PS5 Pro might cost

What PlayStation 5 Pro will be like - all known insights and rumors about the new console → photo 6

There have been no confirmed rumors about the price yet. Therefore, we can only share speculations, comparing the experience of past models, when the PS4 Pro was sold at the same price as the PS4 at launch, namely for 399 dollars. But that’s not to say that Sony will leave the new model with the same price tag as the PS5. Considering that the company recently proved that it’s not afraid to raise prices on new and improved hardware with the example of PSVR 2, where the starting price was 549 dollars.

We can assume, based on all of the above, that the price of the upcoming PS5 Pro will be in the neighborhood of $550-$599. Although it is not impossible that the model will be released at the PS5’s starting price of $499 dollars.

All of this is just rumors for now, but maybe most of the speculations will turn out to be correct, and if that’s the case, we’re in for a pretty good improvement. And whether it’s worth switching from PS5 to PS5 Pro is still hard to say.

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