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Pokemon UNITE

Жанр игры: MOBA, Multiplayer, Стратегия
Платформы: Android
Дата выхода игры: 08 Марта 2024
Разработчик: The Pokémon Company
Особенности: Multiplayer
Возраст: 7+
Рейтинг: 90
Скачиваний: 50000000+


Скачать игру 36 Google Play

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game with strategic elements set in the universe of the Aeos Islands. In this game, Pokemon have more advanced skills and abilities. The game’s story revolves around two teams, each consisting of five members, battling against each other to score points.

Players will capture Pokemon and level up their abilities. The developers have also mentioned numerous missions and customization items to collect. The game includes the basics of cosplay.

Each player on the team will be responsible for their own Pokemon. All characters have specific abilities and privileges. To win battles, players can take their own initiative or help their teammates. This game is based on coordinated teamwork.

To defeat opponents, it will be necessary to learn various techniques that provide an advantage in battle. There is also the option of active communication with teammates, which greatly simplifies gameplay. The arena is designed in a colorful and stylish manner. Additionally, there is a wide range of costumes available for the in-game characters.

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