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The Walking Dead: Michonne — A Telltale Miniseries - photo №118247
The Walking Dead: Michonne — A Telltale Miniseries - photo №118246

The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Miniseries

Жанр гри: Adventure
Платформи: PC
Дата виходу гри: 23 Фев 2016
Розробник: Telltale Games
Особливості: Single-player
Вік: 18+


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Introducing the next installment in the “The Walking Dead” series – “The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Miniseries” by Telltale Games. All games in the series are based on the comics by renowned writer Robert Kirkman.

Here, you will meet one of the most popular characters from Robert’s works. He is highly skilled with a blade. The main protagonist is a girl named Michonne.

The past has left a profound impact on the characters’ lives, marked by heavy losses and consequences. This story explores Michonne’s absence from the well-known comic issues from #126 to #139.

Throughout the game, you will discover why Michonne left her original group and what brought her back. She will constantly be plagued by hallucinations. But despite all these challenges, you must survive and reach your goal.

What players love about the “The Walking Dead” series is that you essentially control not just a game with various adventures, but a whole television series. It’s very engaging, which is why these games are so popular. If you haven’t played them yet, give it a try. You will definitely enjoy it.

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