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22.10.2021 new CS:GO update released

A few days ago, a CS:GO update came out. Developers are doing their best to make the game better and more interesting, so that players get the most out of the gameplay. The Pick’Em Challenge Stockholm will become available for pass holders. The Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass and Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass + 3 Tokens are available not only for purchases in the game, but also for the Steam store.

Thanks to the pass, players will open up numerous opportunities, as well as new events that they will encounter as they progress through the game. With a pass, the player will be able to get an upgradeable coin, access to the Stockholm Pick’Em Challenge, endless graffiti with team logos for the duration of the tournament, and most importantly, fan flyers on and souvenir sets will be available.

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20 Juneee 2023 updated once again, adding and fixing some changes, you can read about them above. And you do not forget to follow the updates of the game on our site, as well as the game has: