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As the launch of Cities: Skylines II on PC and Game Pass on October 24 looms closer, the developers have showcased a release trailer, unveiling the new features and challenges awaiting the mayors of future megacities. However, the initial reviews from critics and players paint a less than stellar picture.

Technical Hurdles at Launch

The early reviews highlight serious technical issues. Critics point out performance drops and bugs that hamper the gaming experience. Specifically, the gaming Portal Igrozhur reports regular FPS drops, while PC Gamer confirms instances of frame rate dipping below 10 FPS.

AI Challenges

There are also notable problems with the artificial intelligence of the citizens: they may complain about crime even when the city is evidently calm. These technical shortcomings could cause concerns among players.

Initial Ratings of Cities: Skylines II

  • Metacritic — 76/100
  • OpenCritic — 79/100

Despite the aforementioned issues, the game has received relatively high ratings from critics. This may suggest that Cities: Skylines II holds potential, which might be realized once the technical issues are addressed.

We hope that the developers will actively work on fixing the bugs so that players can enjoy building their cities without a hitch. Are you ready to dive into the world of urban planning with Cities: Skylines II?