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The addition of a new patch 7 30 led to another bug and problem, despite the fact that we have already written about this before, but it turns out that there was not a final list.

A new bug in Dota 2 is moving the throne with the help of the Cauldron with Aghanim, who burned Will-O-Wisp and hooked, for example, the Throne with it. If a hero that has the ability to kill by moving the hero (fat hook, magnus) will move the dead hero. Then, in the area of ​​application of Will-O-Wisp, the suction of the throne will begin.

How to do it, see the video above. However, for most of those who wanted to repeat this, especially in the rating, they ended up crashing the server along with the game client.

We remind you that for the first time AnthonyShow told about this bug on his YouTube channel , 21 days ago. However, it was fixed, but the bug with the fact that it “kills the Dota 2 server” remained.

Many players complain in the communities about the problem with this bug, that the game does not count and completely crashes without even leaving a match ID.

Dota New Bug: Move Throne And Crash Server

While the developers are solving this issue, and when exactly to wait for the fix is ​​not clear.