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How to buy Atomic Heart in Russia: all the ways

Today, February 21, 2023, Atomic Heart was released. It is impossible to find it on Russian Steam, and buying it on consoles has also become a problem, let’s analyze all the nuances and how to buy the Atomic Heart game.

Buy game Atomic Heart (VK Play)

Since this is an exclusive for VK Play in the Russian Federation, therefore, you can officially buy the game only there, it is in the general game catalog (store) or on a separate page associated with the game .

There are currently 3 editions on sale:

  1. standard – 2499r. Where they give the game + unique skins for an ax and weapons – Electro.
  2. gold – 3199 rub. Game + 4 add-ons that will be later + unique appearance – gloves.
  3. premium — 3599 rub. Two unique skins + game + digital artbook + all gold rewards.

Choose the version of the edition you want and click on the “buy” button. Payment for the game is possible in different ways: bank cards, SBP, VK Play Balance, mobile replenishment, Qiwi and other electronic payments.

How to buy Atomic Heart on Steam from Russia

Buy the game Atomic Heart on Steam can everyone who has a region on Steam selected not Russia, but another, for example – Turkey.

Attention: Kazakhstan will not help, since for this region the purchase also goes through VK Play.

To change the region in the incentive, you need to take into account the points that you can change it no more than 1 time in 3 months and you definitely need to buy the game. Actions:

  1. Log out of Steam on all devices: Click on the menu “About account” and then “Setting Steam Guard”.
  2. Enable the VPN of the country where you want to “move”. Be sure to check that your IP has changed.
  3. Add to cart and pay for any game – you can choose the cheapest one.
  4. When paying, the “Country” button will appear, where you will need to select the desired region.
  5. To complete your purchase of Atomic Heart, you need to use the payment method of the country you have chosen. In online stores, you can use a temporary card, which is suitable for changing the region.

How to Buy Atomic Heart in Russia: All Methods

If you do everything right, then you will receive games that are temporarily unavailable in the Russian Federation, including the game Atomic Heart.

On different exchanges, you can also buy keys to Atomic Heart on Steam – usually sellers themselves transfer your account to the desired region and buy games.

Considering some exchanges that replenish Steam or buy games for you on your Steam, you will have to give your username and password to an unknown person, so you need to carefully study the rating of sellers.

How to buy Atomic Heart on PS4 and PS5

To buy a game on PS4, PS5 will also have to change the region or create an account in the new desired country. Be sure to use a VPN and register with it on the PlayStation Store website.

If you plan to buy games through PS , then it is better to choose Turkey or Argentina, where the prices are the lowest, and there will be the least restrictions in the regions of the USA, Japan. Be sure to use the existing address and index in registration, they can be viewed through Google Maps.

How to buy Atomic Heart on Xbox Series

Here, buyers gamers are the luckiest, as the game from the release is distributed free of charge through an Xbox Game Pass subscription. To issue it, we change the region (the main thing is not the Russian Federation) or create a new account with the desired region.

Then we go to the official Microsoft Store and in the catalog below we find – specify the region and language. After choosing the right one, most often they choose the United States.

Atomic Heart discs in Russia

Buy a physical disc with the game Atomic Heart from ” BUKA ” for 6000 rubles. But you have to wait for delivery.

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