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Console Error (Dispatchasyncevent backlog, failed to send this entire frame).

What is this mistake?

After the Operation Riptide update (September 21, 2021), a flood began in the client console: “DispatchAsyncEvent backlog, failed to send this entire frame.”

This console bug is responsible for bugs in CS:GO chat at the end of any match (when you type easy peazy in chat after winning a very difficult game xD) and the scoreboard at the end of the game is displayed for about 10 seconds.

They can be caught on official/unofficial online servers, local servers, and even in the main menu.

Valve has never released an official solution, and players are going crazy over this bug because it usually reduces 30/40 FPS (maybe even more) on medium/weak computers and can lead to about 10% packet loss.

Possible Solutions
As players are desperately trying to fix this bug, there are many possible solutions being posted on various CS:GO forums.


I have seen many players resolve this error by lowering the clock speed of all your CPU cores in the motherboard bios. (More on this in the Solving the Processor Clock Problem chapter.)

There are people who reported that the issue occurred when the CS:GO UI loaded a font to use in the game. By first setting them to a permanent location, Windows can cache fonts, which will stop stuttering in the user interface. (The problem is probably with the rarest fonts, not Arial). (More on this in the chapter “Solving the problem of fonts in CS:GO”).

Others point out that signed workshop cards may be the problem, as many users have multiple accounts on the same computer, and note that the main account (where they have many workshop cards) keeps getting this error, but when they switch to a secondary account ( where they don’t have signed workshop cards), this error has never appeared before. (More on this in the chapter Solving the problem of subscribing to workshop maps).

Some people say it’s an internet problem, more specifically latency variation or frame delay variation, that can’t be fixed. However, this error appears offline with bots and workshop maps, which kind of tells us that this is not the problem.

In conclusion, there is no easy way to fix this problem and the solution may differ from computer to computer, internet to internet, or even account to account.

Quick and easy solution

If your biggest problem with this error is not the FPS drop, but you get really annoyed when your console fills up with these red messages, then you have an easy solution.

Write this command in console or config file and this message will disappear!

“con_filter_enable 1; con_filter_text_out “DispatchAsyncEvent backlog, failed to dispatch all this frame”.

Although this command stops showing the error in the console, it does not fix the FPS drop.

Solving the problem with the processor clock

Console Error (Dispatchasyncevent Backlog, Could not send this entire frame).


Many people claim that this method eliminates the error 100%. No more FPS drops and red messages on the console.

It looks like the problem is CS:GO incompatibility with 4.30GHz CPU. This is a panorama bug and has been the same for Dota 2 for years, so don’t expect valve to fix it anytime soon. This frequency may vary depending on the brand or clock speed of your processor. Higher frequencies than 4.0ghz/4.1ghz usually cause this issue in csgo because the CPU is not able to process the Panorama UI as often/quickly as needed.


All you have to do is go into your motherboard’s BIOS in the processor settings, set the processor frequency to manual mode and lower the frequency of all cores to 4.0 GHz / 4.1 GHz. If that doesn’t help, try overclocking the CPU a little more and check the results.

If, despite this, the error continues, try overclocking the RAM. Some players have noticed that this helps resolve the bug.

Solving the problem with CS:GO fonts

Console Error (Dispatchasyncevent Backlog, Could not send this entire frame).

First you need to go to the CS:GO folder and find the folder containing the game’s fonts.

Select them all and right click “install for all users”. Some of the files won’t do anything, just click Yes when asked.

C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCounter-Strike Global Offensiveplatformvguifonts

Workshop map solution with subscription

Console Error (Dispatchasyncevent Backlog, Could not send this entire frame).

In order to try this solution, you need to unsubscribe from all your workshop cards, and that’s pretty much it.

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