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A lot of money in CS:GO through the console

Expert’s Answer

A lot of money in CS:GO through the console

In CS:GO, there is no way to get a lot of money through the console. Money in the game is used to purchase weapons and other items on maps, and cannot be directly obtained through the console.

Instead, if you want to get extra money in the game, you can use the command mp_startmoneyin the console. This command allows you to set the initial amount of money for each player at the beginning of the round. For example, if you enter mp_startmoney 16000, then each player will start the round with 16000 money.

  • mp_maxmoney 60000 — Now you can save much more cash per round than $16,000
  • mp_afterroundmoney 60000 — This command sets the starting, monetary rate on the server. Thus, each new round you will have an amount of $60,000.

Note: This command will only work if you are playing on a server that has console enabled. On some servers, the use of the console may be restricted or prohibited.