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CS2: update for 26 April 2024

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed a bug where grenade throw animations would get stuck when switching hands.
  • Fixed a bug where the same grenade type couldn’t be thrown multiple times without switching to another weapon first.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed picking up grenades beyond the normal maximum.
  • Fixed a bug where smoke grenades would sometimes appear lit as if a flashbang detonated inside them.

[ MAPS ]

  • Fixed a spot in Dust 2 above mid doors where grenades would fall through the world.
  • Fixed a spot in Inferno where weapons could fall through the world.

20 Juneee 2023 updated once again, adding and fixing some changes, you can read about them above. And you do not forget to follow the updates of the game on our site, as well as the game has: