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Where to find and how to get hook, paraglider, bow and crossbow in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, survival in a world fraught with danger requires mastery not just in combat but also in rapid urban traversal. This guide will explain in detail how to acquire essential tools like the grappling hook, paraglider, bow, and crossbow.

Grappling Hook: The Key to the Heights

The grappling hook in Dying Light 2 opens new avenues for exploration, allowing players to scale the tallest buildings and make long jumps between them. You will receive this tool after completing the “Broadcast” mission, which becomes available around fifteen hours into the game. The grappling hook is not obtainable by any other means, making it a true find for parkour enthusiasts.

Paraglider: The Sky Can Wait

With the paraglider, you gain the ability to soar above the city rooftops, using air currents for flight. Players receive this device during the “A Place I Call Home” story mission, available seven hours into the game. The paraglider not only makes moving through the game more dynamic but also adds a strategic element to exploring the world of Dying Light 2.

Bow: Mastery of Long-Range Combat

The bow is one of the first ranged weapons players encounter in the game. It is obtained after completing the “Atrium” mission. The bow eliminates the need for repairs and allows for combat at a safe distance. Additionally, players can craft their arrows using blueprints found in the game, making the bow one of the most useful tools in a survivor’s arsenal.

Crossbow: Precision and Power

The crossbow in Dying Light 2 is the pinnacle of ranged weaponry, offering players high firing speed and accuracy. To obtain it, you must reach the fourth reputation level with the Peacekeepers by transferring seven different buildings to them. This makes the crossbow not only a powerful weapon against enemies but also a symbol of high status in the game world.

These tools and weapons significantly enrich the gameplay of Dying Light 2, making the exploration of the devastated city not only easier but also more intriguing. Whether it’s flying between rooftops with a paraglider or mastering long-range combat with a bow and crossbow, every player will find something to enhance their thrilling adventure.

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