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Guide to Activating Windmills in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, players encounter various tasks, among which activating windmills is a prominent feature. These elements of the game add depth to the gameplay and provide players with additional resources for factions. Below is an updated guide on finding and activating all the windmills in the game, which is key to achieving the “Don Quixote” achievement.

Guide to Activating Windmills in Dying Light 2

Activating the “Alder” Windmill

Located at the initial level “Trinity,” near St. Joseph’s Hospital. The activation process starts by climbing onto a wooden platform on the left, waiting for the cargo to descend, and then jumping onto it.

Activating the “Larch” Windmill

In the south of the same area, climb the platform to the right to reach the top through cargoes, moving across planks and a ladder.

Activating the “Birch” Windmill

In the western part of Houndfield, wait for the moment when one cargo is descending and the other is ascending to jump between them and reach the required platform.

Activating the “Cherry” Windmill

In the eastern part of Houndfield, start with the cargo, then use wooden structures to further move upward.

Activating the “Willow” and “Maple” Windmills

Both located in the “Horseshoe” region, where players will need to use stones and ladders to reach the activation mechanisms.

Activating the “Oak” Windmill

In “Quarry End,” the route involves using cargoes and wooden platforms to access the upper levels.

Activating the “Walnut” and “Pine” Windmills

Require ingenuity and patience to use moving environmental elements to reach the upper platforms.

Activating the “Magnolia” Windmill

One of the most challenging tasks, requiring precise stamina and timing management.

Activating the “Elm” and “Ash” Windmills

Here, players will need the use of a paraglider and the “Wall Running” skill to achieve the goals.

Activating the “Cedar,” “Teak,” and “Juniper” Windmills

Sequential use of cargoes and ladders will allow activating these mills.

Activating the “Hickory” and “Spruce” Windmills

Completing tasks and using special equipment, such as the “Hook Blade,” is key to success.

By activating all the windmills, players not only pave the way to achieving “Don Quixote” but also unlock new possibilities for exploring the world of Dying Light 2.

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