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When to wait to download the game Starfield torrent?

Expert’s Answer

When to wait to download the game Starfield torrent?

Starfield, an open-world role-playing game, is scheduled for release on September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series. However, despite the game’s availability in Russia, there will be no official Russian translation from Bethesda. This decision of the publisher proved to be offensive in the eyes of many gamers, who firmly decided not to buy a licensed copy, and download the game for free from torrents. But when to expect a Starfield hack and why is it already doomed to piracy?

At the moment, it is unknown what kind of anti-piracy protection Starfield will use. However, given Bethesda’s stance, they will most likely turn to Denuvo technology, which causes the most trouble for hackers. Based on previous experience with Denuvo hacking, the time it takes to hack Starfield can range from a few days to a year. This time frame depends on the popularity of the game and the motivation of the hackers. Given the high interest in Starfield and the statements made by some hackers, we can expect the game to appear on torrents within a couple weeks of release.

A Russian hacker named EMPRESS has made a promise that she will hack Starfield as soon as possible after release if the developers include Denuvo in the game. This statement leaves Bethesda without much of a chance of protecting Starfield from piracy. After all, if the developers opt out of Denuvo, the game will become easy prey for other hackers. It is important to note that we condemn piracy and provide this information for informational purposes only.