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How to rescue Damien on the “Missing Persons” quest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, developers have included a plethora of engaging side quests, one of which is the “Missing Persons” quest. This mission allows players to dive into Damien’s story, whose fate depends on the decisions made. This guide will help you understand how to save Damien from death. Details follow below, but be wary of spoilers!

Activating the “Missing Persons” Quest

The quest becomes available after meeting Sophie, who will ask the main character, Aiden, to support the residents of the Bazaar. Upon entering the church, you will meet Damien, initiating the quest. It’s important to note that this quest must be completed before finishing the “Water Tower” mission.

Quest Walkthrough

Initially, you will need to meet with Damien, then proceed to a guard and enter the building. Downstairs, a confrontation with bandits awaits, and you must defeat them. Then, the moment to search for Damien’s brother, Cliff, arrives.

Find Cliff

After defeating the enemies, Damien will inform you that his brother is being held hostage. Choose to help Damien to continue the search. Otherwise, you will have to confront Damien himself.

Upon reaching the indicated point, you will encounter Cliff’s twin, who turns out to be an accomplice in the crimes. After a short pursuit and a fight with the thugs, you need to find and talk to Cliff.

How to Save Damien

Returning to the Bazaar will lead you to a conversation with Roger about Damien. Use the building’s entrances and exits to reach the roof and find Damien through a hatch.

You are then faced with a choice: save Damien by offering him alternatives to suicide, or allow events to take a different turn, leading to his death.


Your choice in the “Missing Persons” quest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human will determine Damien’s future. This guide offers a way to save him, opening up new aspects of the game’s deep and multifaceted world to players.

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