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Best PC Games – Slashers

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Interesting, but if we translate the word “slasher” from English into Russian, we get the meaning of “hack”.¬†However, the appearance of this gaming genre originated in the cinema.¬†In the cinema, users noticed the first sprouts of the direction, but today slashers in games are very different from what is in the film.

And yet, what kind of games should users choose in order to enjoy the process, blood, and high-quality weapons as much as possible?

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Best Pc Games - SlashersThis game was developed in 1986. Today, it almost reaches the ideal, because 95% of users liked it. Since the launch, new parts have appeared, where ideas and the plot have changed. If we go back to development, it was the most ordinary platformer. Then the developers realized that the video game required constant changes, and began experimenting with design, mechanics, and more. After more than 20 years, only the gloomy atmosphere has remained unchanged. However, there are no plans to change it.

At the very beginning, the main character got into the castle, from which he needed to get out of the lord. This happened with the use of superpowers, collected souls, etc.

In 2009, the company decided to work with the changes.¬†It’s like a reboot of the series.¬†Now the main character known from the Belmont family is Gabriel.¬†The task is to eliminate evil in the whole world.¬†The storyline at first glance is the most ordinary.

Mechanically, the game is hard to distinguish from God of War. Fights with a large number of monsters are especially reminiscent of this. The main character deals with werewolves, ghouls, training new blows. During the game, Gabriel gets acquainted with magic. It is presented in two scales: dark and light. The goals of the scales have their own meaning. Light provides protection, and dark helps the hero in battle.

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It is worth noting the huge number of strokes designed for users. We assure you that by the end of the game your head will be spinning from a series of epic blows. Additional techniques and new series are definitely a feature of the game.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is very long, so you won’t be able to pass the test right away.¬†Starting a new level, you can make a mistake in the score.¬†The player’s camera works perfectly, there are no inconveniences.

You can highlight the minus of the game Рa frequent change of scenery. More interesting levels appear when you have not yet had time to enjoy the previous one. But this disadvantage is covered by the advantages, which are many times greater. You can enjoy a good system, strikes, magic, riddles.

For Honor

Best Pc Games - SlashersIf you miss cool battles without monsters, you miss real battles, then this game will definitely take your time. As planned, there were three factions on the continent. They sometimes fought: samurai, knights and Vikings. However, there was a drought, and then there were disputes over resources. This is how the wars between the once friendly neighbors began.

The game is played with different characters. You have to fight hundreds of enemies. However, For Honor is not limited to the plot. The most important thing here is a high-quality combat system. The challenge includes enemies of various calibers. As usual, it will be necessary to say goodbye to the small ones in the style of Devil May Cry. However, Dark Souls will help fight large characters.

It is necessary to remember about the block of attacks.¬†They can appear from above, to the right and to the left.¬†The enemy’s weapon must be blocked from the side from which it moves.¬†A volley of blows to the opponent practically does not make sense, because it is not easy to parry.

The game is rich in combos. These are both simple jump attacks and overclocking attacks. Finishing off, rolls Рin full. There is a feeling that to play a good game you just need a lot of patience, not weapons. Users often win because of this. Experienced players also learned how to properly use the terrain: cliffs, traps, tunnels. Effective when fighting multiple enemies at once.

It is necessary to pay attention to different enemies. It is important to study the strengths and weaknesses of each. Vikings, for example, can stun an opponent, and samurai have good speed.

The story is really gripping for the first 3 hours. Immediately after, you can consider the multiplayer part. The combat system is then really able to open up in a new way.

The game is filled with five modes. These are duels, knockout, two-on-two battles, points and control points. Different functions of the game manifest themselves in different ways in the territories, which is worth paying attention to.

Frequent crashes are a huge disadvantage of a video game. Sometimes the fight Ends like this: half of the participants fall out of sight. There are no dedicated servers, which is also a disadvantage.

Each gamer can try to devote a couple of hours to this game. For some, of course, this development will go so far that you can refuse to play other slashers. For Honor attracts with mechanics and design.


Best Pc Games - SlashersThis is the real story part of Metal Gear, connected with the ninja Raiden. Starts after Metal Gear Solid 4. Jack, the main character, stopped participating in battles. The wife and son are trying to ensure that the head of the family lives peacefully.

However, the one who fought will one day return to the field of hostilities again. This is what happened to the hero. In Africa, Jack is accompanied by the Prime Minister. However, an attack happens. After that, Raiden is unrecognizable, and the official was destroyed. Jack is admitted to the hospital.

The hero is on a new mission. He wants to save the world, humanity from a conspiracy.

The main advantage of the game is that you do not need to understand the plot. Initially, the developers conceived one person. The user can think while listening to the dialogues of other participants. You just need to be able to get into it. However, the eternal mystery: a man is a hero or a killing machine.

Thanks to the game, users learn the correct handling of the katana. You can cut enemies in slow motion. It is possible that some elements will appeal to the player and his weapons. As for weapons, the developers cannot boast of their number. Gamers have a choice of two types of weapons along with a grenade launcher or a grenade.

It is necessary to parry and avoid all attacks well. It feels like a real battle with cold weapons. It is important to observe the actions of the enemies, but it is not enough to control one space surrounding the player.

Players are most attracted to the stealth mode. Enemies do not particularly pay attention to the disappeared, so the mode needs to be improved. Plus are the bosses and fights with them. Villains live in beautiful places where you want to stay. It is necessary to take into account that it is difficult to resolve the issue with them in a rough form. Most often, it is more effective to either crush or evade an attack. Kill Bounty is a salvaged weapon that can be upgraded. For example, a two-handed sword is very similar to scissors. The game becomes exciting when the player chooses his favorite weapon.

Slasher is unparalleled.¬†High-speed passage attracts most of the users.¬†As long as there is pace, it’s best to complete the game in one go.¬†Outdated graphics are a visible development flaw.¬†But it’s very easy to get used to it.

Prince of Persia

Best Pc Games - SlashersThe plot, cool puzzles, exciting fights. The first part of the game came out so cool that everyone was waiting for an equally high-quality sequel. In the first part, the player finds himself in ancient times, where all problems are solved by cunning. The Sultan of Persia sent his son to storm the enemy palace. Set a goal Рto capture the magic dagger. However, no one imagined how huge a gamble it was. The dagger was not just a beautiful looking weapon, it was the key to the Sands of Time. The vizier, using the naivety of the hero, opens the cache and the sands crumble. All around turn into villains.

To return the world to its former state, it is necessary to make every effort.¬†This is an adventure video game.¬†You can run along the walls, jump over the abyss, all kinds of tricks.¬†Everything is done so well that you want to keep playing all the time.¬†It’s hard to stop.

All this is backed up by dynamic battles. They are complex, to solve puzzles you will have to think carefully in order to go through a certain set area. However, the reward at the end and the sequel are certainly worth it.

In the first part, evil, revenge, evil spirits were defeated. Therefore, the second part is developed in the best possible way. The prince grew up, matured. However, one day he feels that he is being watched closely. Or rather, a monster is hunting him.

Our prince goes to the sage to get all the answers. It turns out that the sands of time from the first part disrupted the entire course of action. To kill those who dared to touch the immutable, Dahaka, a demon, was summoned. The hero does not want his speedy death, so he runs away to the island to return to the past and change everything.

Users play as another prince who has gone through terrible trials. He knows how to use various techniques that repel enemies instantly. The developers allowed to take several weapons into battle, hold one in one hand and an additional one in the second. This is a huge plus for many players.

After passing some tests, it is realistic to acquire the main sword, which will advance further.

As for the combat system, the developers approached its processing especially responsibly.¬†The prince can deprive the enemy of the head.¬†However, that’s not all.¬†You can easily dance at the same time the lower break, scattering everyone around you.¬†But the enemies with the new refinement have become more cunning and insidious.¬†But this makes the game more interesting.¬†They don’t go through alone anymore.¬†The player will no longer be able to just swing a weapon in order to hit some villain anyway.¬†You need to use a set of actions: blocks, attacks, use a variety of weapons, slow down time, etc.

The most enjoyable was the third part of the game. It has a lot of fights, interesting puzzles and battles. They are very difficult, but do not take much time.

It is important to note that each part is a hybrid of puzzle, slasher, adventure.


Game developers do not aim to spread violence. It can be seen that puzzles allow users to let off steam in a way that no one gets hurt. Slashers help relieve tension, because accumulating negativity is harmful.

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