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Jupiter Hell is set to release on August 5th - photo №64683

Jupiter Hell is set to release on August 5th

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Studio ChaosForge and publisher Hyperstrange announced that the release of role-playing strategy from early access will take place on August 5th. The game was developed in the genre of strategy with RPG elements. The environment in the game has a fantasy style.

The game will only be available after a one-time purchase. The players are waiting for a realistic and dynamic adventure through the big world. Players will be able to play in free mode. In it, you can independently choose tests, bonuses and conditions.

The game also has new modes. In the arena, you will need to resist waves of opponents. You need to pump your character as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to have a better chance of winning. In endless mode, players are waiting for random levels, in fact, the farther, the more difficult. The classic mode does not have any features other than constant hordes of demons. Here you have to control one character, which can be equipped and armed. It can be gradually upgraded to become stronger and more resilient.

In battle, you can use a variety of skills that will help you successfully end the battle with dozens of enemies. The consequences of active battles can be very different, which means it is impossible to predict them.

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