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Call of Duty Mobile - photo โ„–112988
Call of Duty Mobile - photo โ„–112987

Call of Duty Mobile

Game Genre: ะญะบัˆะตะฝั‹
Platforms: Android
Game Release Date: 01 Feb 2024
Rating: 84
Version: 1.0.43
Android version: 5+
Size: 25600 ะผะฑ

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Call of Duty Mobile is a special version of the popular game developed for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) running on Android and iOS. But the main feature of Call of Duty Mobile for Android is that after launching the game, you will have access to the familiar Battle Royale mode, zombie mode, and multiplayer, where you can have a great time with other players.

You can play Call of Duty Mobile on any mobile device that has internet access. Moreover, you can even download Call of Duty Mobile and play with a connected gamepad – the market offers many advantageous and convenient solutions in this regard.

Remember that Call of Duty Mobile is a freemium game, which means that any player can buy weapons to replenish their arsenal and purchase any additional “perks” for a separate fee. So it’s better to decide right away whether you want to play for free, but with difficulty, or invest some money and become 10 times better than your opponents.

Call of Duty: Mobile is currently in its sixth season of the legendary game. Players will have to engage in battle with hordes of the undead. Developers have added many interesting events, network maps, updated the battle pass, and provided many other materials.

The new season of the exciting game is called “Heat.” Gamers will have to master a completely new zombie battle mode. The network map has been completely redesigned, and many new characters, weapon blueprints, battle passes, competitive stages, and other important details have been added.

Players will engage in a battle for survival under the scorching sun. For this battle, developers have provided many free and advanced materials that are available through the battle pass. This includes access to a completely new type of weapon, new operators, different series of points, blueprints, calling cards, amulets, and points.

Upon reaching level 15, players gain access to deadly hunter drones. At level 21, they can obtain rapid-fire weapons that will tear opponents to pieces. On subsequent levels, powerful weapons, calling cards, and other privileges can be obtained.

By purchasing the battle pass, players have the opportunity to collect all the materials from the “Heat” season. Thus, they can obtain a large number of various advantages from the first level. Among the special materials, interesting skins, blueprints, and emotes are also provided.

Completely new maps have been developed for the multiplayer game. Slums is a popular classic map where players will wander the streets, explore local locations, and carefully check all corners. Stack is a symmetrical map designed for small groups. The location is an educational range located in the desert. In the new season, this map will be in rotation for the “Fire Contact” mode.

Players can also expect the return of zombies. Together with their Squad, they will embark on the Isolated map. Here, they will experience a Battle Royale and fight against the resurrected dead. The actions will unfold over five days. During the day, players can peacefully scavenge for supplies and equipment. But with the onset of night, they will have to fend off constant zombie attacks whose goal is to destroy the base.

Enemies will become stronger with each attack, and their numbers will increase each time. Therefore, in addition to weapons, players will also need turrets. It is also important to carefully plan team tactics. For each successful completion, players will receive rewards, including quite useful items.

Rewards for “Undead Siege” can be obtained throughout the entire season. By completing tasks in the multiplayer game, Battle Royale, and “Undead Siege” mode, players acquire regular and radioactive ore. From this ore, they can obtain valuable Ether. By accumulating a certain amount of this substance, they can receive very good rewards. This event will be available in the sixth season.

Many new stages have been added for ranking and clan wars. In the sixth season, completely new stages and wars will become available, where players will have to capture new objectives. After successfully completing all the tasks, they can receive many good rewards.

World championship broadcasts can be conducted directly in the game. The 2021 World Championship is entering its third stage. Regional battles to determine the strongest teams will take place. The broadcast of all tournaments will be available not only on the YouTube platform but also in the game itself. Players can enjoy watching the interesting battles of the strongest teams in an elimination format. Spectators will also have the opportunity to receive special rewards. Therefore, it is important to keep up with all the news.

New challenges promise to be very vivid and intense. Players will have access to new seasonal challenges, get acquainted with new locations, and participate in epic battles.

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